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What's New at Farmer's Choice

During 2020 Farmer's Choice has had to adapt just like a lot of businesses will have. Some tough decisions were made with regard to stock and many discussions were had on which products we could absolutely guarantee on a weekly basis without dropping our high standards.

We buy directly from our farmers and work closly to predict future sales giving plenty of time to grow the required stock (sometimes taking many months or even years).

We have a steady flow coming through but with demand from customers increasing over the past year, the amount of stock that was required has increased. We have a responiblity to be careful not to over commit and breed to many animals when they are no longer need, if demand drops when everything returns to normal.

So, with that in mind, below are the changes we put in place:
  • First things first, we placed larger orders with our farmers.
  • We immediately stopped any new customer sign ups. (Only those customers that proved to be in the vulnerable category were taken on)
  • We hired more staff in the office so that all lines of communication were open.

The biggest change we made to the website is a new information line under our products indicating when the Delivered From date is (see image).

This will either show Today or it will give a future date, for example 18 Nov. This date will change depending on the quantity we have currently in stock and how many you have selected. For example if there was 1 x £20 gift voucher left in stock but we were getting more in a week's time and you change the quantity from 1 to 2 then the date would change to a week's time.

We have been inputting our orders due into us onto our stock level to allow you to be able to see when we expect the products in. This gives you the chance to select it before it reaches our building.

Should you get to the checkout and the date is not as soon as expected, it may be worth checking your cart as it may be that certain items are not due into us before your selected date.

If you require a specific date, we suggest you choose your delivery date first, as the system will only show you products available up to that date.

Stock Guide

Below shows you when the items will become available online from this weeks deliveries, they will of course be stock online all week, these are just a guide as to the best days to look out for additional items becoming available.

Editing Orders
Alongside the above changes we have also made it easier for you to be able to edit your orders. We are seeing a lot of our customers using this feature to get everything they require in one order. For example if you want to purchase a Leg of Lamb and a Topside Joint but only the Leg of Lamb is available, then book in the Leg of Lamb for delivery, then head back to the site on the day the Beef should be available from and if it is available you can add it to your existing order.

There are two places to make changes to your booked order. The first one is on the welcome page when you first log in or you can head to My Account > Track My Order. Then click the Make Changes button. (See Image Below).

Thank you for your valued custom during this difficult time. We will always try to improve the way you shop with us whilst being as transparent as possible in everything we do. We welcome all feedback, good and bad. You can contact us at or speak to us on 01489 583828.
FREE DELIVERY avaliable for this order.
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