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Christmas Food From Farmer's Choice

With Christmas fast approaching, we're offering the highest quality free range turkeys, beef, goose and all the trimmings from local farms near you. Choose from our selection of items below and make sure you get your order in nice and early so you're all prepared for Christmas Day.!

View Christmas Deli Hamper

Christmas Deli Hamper

Contains 12 items.

View Free Range Reserve Whole Ham Kit

Free Range Reserve Whole Ham Kit

1 x (1000g) Deli Ham Holder

Contains 1 items.

View Festive Cheese Pack

Festive Cheese Pack

Contains 3 items.

View Smoked Breakfast Fish Pack

Smoked Breakfast Fish Pack

1 x (250g) Smoked Salmon
2 x (250g) Haddock Fillet Smoked
1 x (300g) Kippers Smoked

Contains 4 items.

View Case of 6 Classic Reserve

Case of 6 Classic Reserve

6 x (750g) Classic Reserve

Contains 6 items.

View Case of 6 Sparkling Rose

Case of 6 Sparkling Rose

6 x (750g) Sparkling Rose

Contains 6 items.

View Triple Trout Pack

Triple Trout Pack

1 x (190g) Hot Smoked Trout Fillet
1 x (175g) Trout Pate
1 x (100g) Cold Smoked Trout Fillet

Contains 3 items.

View Boxing Day Pack

Boxing Day Pack

1 x (500g) Sourdough Bread : White
1 x (100g) Dorset Cured Lomo - Free Range
1 x (227g) Handmade Piccallilli
1 x (220g) Red Chilli Jelly
1 x (125g) Buffalo Mozzarella - Organic
1 x (175g) Trout Pate
1 x (275g) Real Ale Chutney
1 x (225g) Tomatoes: Cherry Vine
1 x (190g) Barbers 1833 Vintage Cheddar
1 x (220g) Olives: Garlic Stuffed
1 x (250g) Oak Smoked Tomato Balsamic ...
1 x (220g) Clawson Blue Stilton
1 x (100g) Dor...

Contains 13 items.


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