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We have the highest quality fish and seafood sustainably sourced ready for your BBQ

With the weather warming up have you considered lighting the barbecue and inviting friends round? For the perfect twist to your BBQ season, we have the highest quality, sustainably sourced, British fish and seafood ready for your BBQ.

Can I Put Fish On The BBQ?

Yes. Cooking fish on the barbecue really is easy. Preheat your grill to high and ensure your cooking grates are clean. Oil the fish generously and cook for eight minutes per inch of flesh. So four minutes on each side for one inch of thickness.

Discover more about our Prawns

500g (500g) £17.19
Sold per item
Discover more about our King Prawns
King Prawns

500g (500g) £14.86
Sold per item
Discover more about our Tuna Fillet
Tuna Fillet

Pack(1) (200g) £3.96
£1.98 per 100g
Discover more about our Sword Fish Steak
Sword Fish Steak

Pack(1) (200g) £4.94
£2.47 per 100g

Our Selection Of Set Packs For The Season

If you don't want to spend the time selecting individual items from our list, you can take a look at some of our set boxes to make an easy and quick produce purchase!

SAVE £1.18

View BBQ Fish Pack

BBQ Fish Pack

Contains 1 items.

1 x (500g) King Prawns

Pack Price £13.68
Individual Price £14.86

SAVE £4.42

View Seafood Platter

Seafood Platter

Contains 4 items.

1 x (500g) Prawns
1 x (450g) Whitebait Breaded
1 x (500g) Calamari Rings
1 x (225g) Scampi

Pack Price £30.83
Individual Price £35.25


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