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Blackened Salmon Recipe

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Step By Step - Instructions

Place all of the ingredients for the sauce in a food processor or pestle and mortar
Blend to a smooth sauce and cover until ready to serve
The salmon skins must be thoroughly dry or it will not crisp up and dust with a bit of chilli powder and salt and pepper
Heat the ghee/oil over medium high heat
When it is good and hot, carefully place those salmon fillets into the pan, skin side down
Most of the frying will be done on the skin side and cooking time really depends on how thick your fillets are
Watch the salmon fillets as they cook
You will see that the meat begins to cook up from the skin side
When the salmon has cooked halfway through, about three minutes, turn the fillets over and fry until they are cooked almost through but still a bit pink inside
Serve immediately drizzled with a bit of the coriander sauce

Full Ingredients List

4 x 200g salmon fillets.
1 two tablespoons ghee or olive oil or a mixture of both.
1 teaspoon chilli powder for dusting.
1 tablespoon finely ground fresh black pepper.
Salt to taste.
For the Sauce.
2 tablespoons mayonnaise.
1 packed cup (250ml) chopped coriander leaves and stems.
Juice of two limes.
3 fresh green chillies, chopped.
3 cloves garlic.
1 teaspoon cumin powder.

Recipe Infomation

Prep Time: 10 Minutes

Cooking Time: 25 Minutes

Temp: Gas mark 5, 190C (375F)

Level: Moderate

Serves: 4

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