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Pet Food From Farmer's Choice

Discover more about our Marrow Bones - Free Range

Marrow Bones - Free Range

Our British free range marrow bones are the perfect treat for your family pet.

£0.16 per 100g
Discover more about our Pigs Ears: Dried - Free Range

Pigs Ears: Dried - Free Range

Perfect for a dog treat, our pigs ears have been dried naturally.

Pack(2) (100g) £1.57

Sold per item
Discover more about our Pet Food Mince - Free Range

Pet Food Mince - Free Range

Free Range petfood mince is 60% Chicken, 20% Beef and 20% Lamb. Not for human consumption. Now comes in 500g blocks (approx)

500g £1.25

£0.25 per 100g

Raw food is a completely natural diet for your pets, free from processing. Dogs are carnivores - they have evolved and thrived on raw food for millennia, it is what their digestive systems were designed for.


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