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Wild Island Oil Dressing Pack

Unleash culinary creativity with their four spiced dressings

Wild Island Oil & Dressing Pack

Wild Island Oil & Dressing Pack

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Product Description

Inside the seasonal packaging you will find warm spiced fig balsamic, vibrant raspberry vinegar, cherry vinegar and fruity blackberry balsamic.

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Nuala Grandcourt

Located In: Isle Of Wight

Enthusiasts of the Slow Food Movement, Wild Island was launched in 2011, after being inspired to create dressings made from locally sourced products to support the core values of local food sustainability. Wild Island originally began making salad dressings using locally grown and cold pressed rapeseed oil, cider vinegar, honey and thyme.

Nuala Grandcourt of Wild Island in Isle Of Wight

Farmer's Choice Free Range Ltd

Ingredients & Allergen

Spiced Fig: Balsamic Vinegar 40% (Contains Sulphites), Figs 36%, Sugar, Chilli, Honey, Ground Cinnamon, Pomegranate Syrup. Raspbery: Cider Vinegar 73%, Raspberries 14%, Sugar 13%. Blackberry: Balsamic Vinegar 67% (Contains Sulphites), Sugar 22%, Blackberries 11%. Chilli Oil: Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil 99%, Chillis 1%.


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