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Creamy Peppercorn Steak Sauce

Creamy Peppercorn Steak Sauce

Creamy Peppercorn Steak Sauce

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Product Description

This beautiful peppery sauce is a perfect partner for our delicious free range steaks. Lovely and creamy with a bit of a bite.

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Storage Details

Best kept in the fridge

Cooking Guide

Cooking Times

Cooking Method: Grill/Fry

Rare: Seared outside, 2 1/2 minutes each side, 75% red center, internal temp: 30-51oC
Medium/Rare: Seared outside, 3-4 minutes each side, 50% red center, internal temp: 37-63oC
Medium: Seared outside, 4 minutes each side, 25% pink center, internal temp: 63-68oC
Medium/Well Done: Seared outside, 5 minutes each side, slight hint of pink, internal temp: 72-77oC
Well Done: Seared outside, 6 minutes each side, 100% brown throughout, internal temp: 77oC +

Always allow the meat to rest for 3minutes after cooking.

Timings are approximate - Based on a 1inch Sirloin Steak, Pan Fried.

*Cooking times may vary depending on cut and thickness. All information sourced from http://www.qmscotland.co.uk/

Ingredients & Allergen

Water, Skimmed Milk Powder, Rapeseed Oil, Malt Vinegar(From Barley), Modified Starch, Xanthangum, Sugar, Cracked Pepper, Salt, Black Pepper, Preservative(Potassium Sorbate) Carmalised Sugar.


The Lastest Product Reviews

- Thu 30 Apr 2015

Really Enjoyed The Peppercorn Sauces

- Sun 08 Mar 2015

Grilled Beautifully And Enjoyed By All.

- Tue 09 Dec 2014

Excellent What More Do I Need To Say
Mr Maynard - GRANTHAM,

- Sat 27 Sep 2014

This Was Lovely And Complimented Our Steak Beautifully
Mrs Hunter - ASH,

- Sun 07 Sep 2014

Very Nice But Watch Out It Has Quite A Kick

- Wed 30 Jul 2014

It Was Brilliant With The Steak But Regret Not Getting Enough Steak!
Mrs Allen - FRIMLEY,

- Sun 29 Jun 2014

A Lovelly Peperry Sauce

- Wed 25 Jun 2014


- Mon 16 Jun 2014

Beautiful .- Went Very Nice With Our Steak!

- Sun 25 May 2014

Lovely Creamy Sauce With Nice Kick To It! Great A Compliment To My Rump Steaks!

- Mon 21 Apr 2014

Very Tasty Will Buy It Again
Miss Raman - FLEET,

- Mon 31 Mar 2014

An Extremely Good Sauce - Not Too Peppery, Almost A Fruity Hint To It Which Worked Really Well With The Full Flavour Of The Meat. Will Certainly Pu...
Mr Bradbury - WEST HORSLEY,

- Sun 10 May 2015

Nice Sauce But A Bit Too Spicy
Mr Davidson - ANDOVER

- Mon 29 Dec 2014

Nice But The Vinegar Aftertaste Was A Bit Disappointing.
Mrs Heasman - GUILDFORD,


Ingredients & Allergens

Storage Advise





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