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Pantry Items from Farmer's Choice

No meat cut, vegetable dish, or seafood serving is complete without being seasoned, flavoured, or dressed. Infuse different meals with different flavours can make or break a dish, or cause it to become a new one entirely. With this range of stocks, sauces, condiments and deli items from Farmer's Choice free range, a world of flavours awaits to fill your pantry and transform a dull dish into a delicious one.

There's something for everybody here – sweet chilli and hot chilli sauce for those who like to spice up their dishes, dressings to liven up a salad, and a wide range of chutneys to serve as a delicious sweet side to any meal.

To add pantry items to your cart, simply click ‘Add to Cart' underneath your chosen item, then hit ‘Checkout' at the top of the page. Before long, your deli products and pantry items will be with you, along with any meat, vegetable, fruit or seafood items you may have ordered, all ready for you to visit our recipes section and cook up a delicious, flavoursome free range feast!


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