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  • Butcher Daniel Sawyer

    Delivering Real Food Direct

    Farmer's Choice has been established since 1984 delivering British Free Range produce from Dirt to Doorstep. We are a small, friendly online butcher business, dedicated to delivering top quality British free-range meat direct to customers. We run on family values and try to make our operations as simple as possible.

    At Farmer's Choice we pride ourselves on delivering British free range, responsibly sourced and naturally reared meat to our customers. Our in-house butchers prepare the meat, just as you like it.

    We have partnered with some of the best British free range farms in the UK to give you a range of high quality meat taken from animals raised in natural and comfortable conditions. All of these farms adhere to free range farming regulations and practices and are well known and respected for their excellent standard of farming.

    All our meat products are completely British and some locally sourced. This is environmentally friendly - products have to travel less and not necessarily by air, so use fewer emissions, and economically friendly as it support local, British industries and businesses. So if you want to know where your next delicious and free range meal is coming from, take a look through our partner farm pages. If you still want to know more or would like to ask a question about our farms you can contact us on 01489 583828 or via email at contactus@farmerschoice.co.uk.

    With the new Deli range from Farmer's Choice you can now order all your ingredients for a delicious, free range meal. Not only can you choose your British meat from free range farms and vegetables from local suppliers, but now you can buy deli products to make your meal complete.

    Farmer's Choice believes quality, service and flexibility are the keystones of our longevity and continued success. Many customers have been with us for over 20 years and as people have moved around the country we have found ways to accommodate their requests. Farmer's Choice has continued to supply them with the quality free-range meat and the excellent service they have become used to.

    We believe in the quality of our products but if you are not entirely happy with the products, we will provide a full refund or product swap.


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