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    We go to great lengths to source our chicken, beef, pork, lamb and also fish, straight from our numerous partner farms across the UK.

    Our Free Range Partner Farms


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    Discover more about our Goods In Butchery - Free Range
    Goods In Butchery - Free Range

    Item (3g) £0.00
    Sold per item
    Not Yet Reviewed
    Discover more about our Marrow Shin Splits - Free Range
    Marrow Shin Splits - Free Range

    From the shin sliced down the middle, marrow exposed, perfect for grilling or enriching sauces

    Pack(2) (500g) £1.57
    £0.31 per 100g
    Discover more about our Pork Fat - Free Range
    Pork Fat - Free Range

    Pack (500g) £1.60
    Sold per item
    Discover more about our Chicken Breast Fillet Cheese Melts - Free Range
    Chicken Breast Fillet Cheese Melts - Free Range

    Succulent Chicken Fillet stuffed with cheese ready to melt when cooked and wrapped in layers of Pancetta. An indulgent home cooked meal.

    Pack(2) (710g) £12.78
    £1.80 per 100g
    Discover more about our Lamb Stock Bones - Free Range
    Lamb Stock Bones - Free Range

    Pack (1000g) £2.13
    £0.21 per 100g
    Discover more about our Chicken Nuggets - Free Range
    Chicken Nuggets - Free Range

    Gluten Free, Large king nuggets made from prime pieces of chicken breast wrapped in breadcrumbs. Can be oven baked, grilled or fried. Another kids fav

    500g £9.05
    Sold per item

    At Farmer's Choice we pride ourselves on delivering free range, responsibly sourced and naturally reared meat to our customers. But how do we go about making sure all of the meat we sell lives up to this standard? Well, we have partnered with some of the best free range farms in the UK to give you a range of high quality meat taken from animals raised in natural and comfortable conditions. All of these farms adhere to free range farming regulations and practices and are well known and respected for their excellent standard of farming

    But you don't have to just take our word for it; we offer complete traceability for our meat, so you can read all about our free range partner farms in this section. From our chickens, pigs, beef, turkey and fish, to even our veal, game and goat, you can find out where all of our meat products come from by reading about each individual farm. To read more about our partner farms, select from our list below:

    Each farm is based within the UK, meaning all of our products are completely British and locally sourced. This is environmentally friendly - products have to travel less, and not necessarily by air, so use fewer emissions to get to our Hampshire base, and economically friendly as it supports local, British industries and businesses. So if you want to know where your next, delicious and free range meal is coming from, take a look through our partner farm pages. If you still want to know more or would like to ask a question about our farms you can contact us via phone on 01489 583828 or via email at contactus@farmerschoice.co.uk.

    To see pictures and videos straight from the farmyards and hear from our farmers you can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus and YouTube - just click the links at the bottom of the page.


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