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Salad Packs from Farmer's Choice

Everything you need for a healthy fresh salad

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Quickes Extra Mature Cheddar 250g  x 1
Spring Onions Bunch(1) (125g)  x 1
Celery Bunch (750g)  x 1
Radishes 125g  x 1
Cucumber Item (350g)  x 1
Potatoes: Salad 1000g (2.20 lb)  x 1
Tomatoes: Mixed Baby Plum Punnet (250g)  x 1
Beetroot - Organic Bunch (700g)  x 1

Individual Price £15.87

Pack Price £9.39

SAVE £6.48

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Discover more about our Quickes Extra Mature Cheddar
Quickes Extra Mature Cheddar

The 18 to 21 months that Quickes Extra Mature spends maturing adds further depth and a crunchy texture that lingers on the palate.

250g £5.07
Sold per item
Discover more about our Spring Onions
Spring Onions

Very versatile, spring onions can be eaten raw in salads or chopped and added to mashed potatoes with a sprinkle of cheddar cheese. Extensively used i

Bunch(1) (125g) £0.82
Sold per item
Discover more about our Celery

Celery has an acquired taste. The darker the celery the stronger the taste. Can be eaten raw with a cheesy dip or is nice cooked in a various dishe

Bunch (750g) £1.10
Sold per item
Discover more about our Radishes

These little bulbs have an unusual taste between spicy and peppery. A welcome addition to a salad and can be cut into star shapes to add to presentati

125g £0.82
Sold per item
Discover more about our Cucumber

A long green cylindrical edible fruit with watery flesh. Great raw in salads or sandwiches. Can be pickled too. Best in season May-September.

Item (350g) £0.96
Sold per item
Discover more about our Potatoes: Salad
Potatoes: Salad

Great round potatoes, prewashed just give a rinse and boil in salted water. They stay nice and firm, are delicious with any meal but best with a salad

1000g £1.82
£0.18 per 100g
Discover more about our Tomatoes: Mixed Baby Plum
Tomatoes: Mixed Baby Plum

A mix of Baby Plum and Golden Baby Plum, full of flavour, sweet and perfect for salads or roasting

Punnet (250g) £2.97
Sold per item
Discover more about our Beetroot - Organic
Beetroot - Organic

Organic beetroot grown at the foot of the South Downs. Perfect for salads, roasting or baking, packed full of vitamins

Bunch (700g) £2.31
Sold per item
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