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Mixed Peppers from Farmer's Choice

Organically grown Mixed Peppers from the foot of the South Downs

Mixed Peppers

Mixed Peppers

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A splash of colour and taste in a salad or added to a casserole or stew. All from the foot of the Southdowns.

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Bart & Debby Ives

Located In: Chichester

Wayside Organics is an organic smallholding set at the foot of the South Downs, specialising in salad crops, soft and top fruit and a wide range of vegetables, all grown to the standards set down by the Soil Association. They started in 1989 growing organically, as they believed it possible to be organic, local and sustainable. To live lightly on the land without harming the environment.

Bart & Debby Ives of Wayside Organics in Chichester

Farmer's Choice Free Range Ltd

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