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Everday Onions from Farmer's Choice



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Pack(3) (450g) £0.50

Reviews (15)

Product Description

Is there anything more versatile than the lowly onion? This bulb adds flavour to just about everything whether hot or cold. Cooks down well and can also be eaten raw. Brings a tear to your eye.

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Storage Details

Use within 3 days
Best kept in a cool veg rack

Recipes (18)

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Indian Style Scrambled Eggs

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Easy Lamb Curry

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Cauliflower Fried Rice

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The Lastest Product Reviews

- Wed 27 Jan 2016

Full Of Flavour
Mrs Hunter - GUILDFORD,

- Sat 23 Jan 2016

Nice Strong Flavor

- Mon 16 Nov 2015

Very Nice Onions
Miss Fellner - LIVERPOOL,

- Thu 21 May 2015

Good Stuff

- Wed 07 May 2014

Great Value For Money And Quality

- Sun 06 Apr 2014

Very Nice
Mrs Noakes - WOKING,

- Mon 03 Mar 2014

Very Nice

- Wed 15 Jan 2014

Very Good Quality
Mrs Doody - STAFFORD,

- Sun 12 Jan 2014

This Was The Second Time That I Ordered Onions, And Will Do So Again And Again If They Stay At This Quality.

- Sun 08 Dec 2013

Huge Onions (twice The Size Of My Supermarket Versions!) But Therefore Twice As Useful!
Miss Broadbent - TWICKENHAM,

- Thu 14 Nov 2013

Excellent. Good Size And Great Flavour

- Sun 06 Oct 2013

Loved The Size
Mr Russell - SHEPPERTON,

- Tue 01 Oct 2013

Nice Large Onions Strong Flavour

- Thu 22 Aug 2013

Made Me Cry.
Mr Brannigan - FAREHAM,

- Sun 13 Oct 2013

Enormous Onions. Too Big Really.


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