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Cranberries from Farmer's Choice

Cranberries are the deep-red, tart fruit of a low, scrubby, woody bog plant. They are a winter berry that has become synonymous with the Christmas table for many.



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A tart, ruby-red coloured berry which grows wild on shrubs throughout northern Europe and North America. High in vitamins C and D, potassium and iron they are believed to be a natural remedy for a host of health conditions.
Cranberries come into their own around Christmas but are good for much more than accompanying the turkey. Their sour flavour lends itself well to both sweet and savoury dishes, as well as drinks.

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- Mon 16 Mar 2015

They Were Fine
Mrs Churcher - PORTCHESTER

- Mon 24 Nov 2014


- Sun 02 Feb 2014

Nice And Big And Juicy

- Thu 05 Feb 2015

Excellent - Fat And Juicy
Mrs Gridley - TONBRIDGE,

- Sat 08 Nov 2014

I Loved The Cranberries Because I Make My Own Cranberry Sauce, And They Were Very Nice, Firm And Tasty


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