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Sustainable Fish Boxes

Fish packs from sustainable fish stocks delivered by Farmer's Choice

Our Selection Of Set Packs

If you don't want to spend the time selecting individual items from our list, you can take a look at some of our set boxes to make an easy and quick produce purchase!

SAVE £1.53

View Smoked Breakfast Fish Pack

Smoked Breakfast Fish Pack

Contains 4 items.

1 x (250g) Smoked Salmon
2 x (250g) Haddock Fillet Smoked
1 x (300g) Kippers Smoked

Pack Price £30.85
Individual Price £32.38

SAVE £4.58

View Triple Trout Pack

Triple Trout Pack

Contains 3 items.

1 x (190g) Kiln Hot Oak Smoked Trout
1 x (175g) Trout Pate
1 x (100g) Cold Oak Smoked Trout

Pack Price £12.35
Individual Price £16.93


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