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Cold Oak Smoked Trout

Wonderful hand sliced classic smoked trout

Cold Oak Smoked Trout

Cold Oak Smoked Trout

Price £ 5.25 per 100g

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Product Description

Delicious oak smoked trout, hand sliced classic smoked trout

2018 - Great Taste Awards Gold (2 Stars)

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Charlie Meyrick

Located In: Romsey

Charlie's Trout aim is simple - to produce the most fabulous smoked trout they can. They are committed to working with the same team of farmers who have been rearing the mighty trout since 1975. They take pride in their craft and only employ the best methods and maintain the highest standards. Their trout are raised in the beautiful crystal clear waters from Hampshire's world famous chalk rivers. Each day, up to 35 million gallons of highly oxygenated chalk river water flows freely through the farm's raceways. Swimming against a constant inflow of water 24 hours a day keeps the fish lean, healthy and in perfect condition. The next stop is with Jon the smoker to weave his magic. Jon has been perfecting his craft for 40 years and is an expert in smoking trout. Having filleted the fish, they are smoked for up to 16 hours using the finest sawdust from green Wiltshire oak. Once they have cooled, the skin is removed and the fillets are skillfully trimmed. We set aside up to 40% of the meat

Charlie Meyrick of Charlie

Farmer's Choice Free Range Ltd

Recipes (2)

View Trout Frittata

Trout Frittata

View Smoked Trout Florentine

Smoked Trout Florentine


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