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Hake from Farmer's Choice

Sustainably sourced from ports around the UK



Price £ 2.21 per 100g

Reviews (22)

Product Description

For a light, modern alternative to cod fillets, these hake fillets are increasingly popular, with a good flavour, these plump cuts, filleted by hand, are some of the best you will find. Individually packed.
Wild - North Sea/North Atlantic

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Storage Details

Keep frozen at -18C or below
Freezer shelf life: 12 months from date of production or see label
Defrost in refrigerator and use within 48 hours - do not refreeze

Recipes (1)

View Fried Fish with Homemade Tartare Sauce

Fried Fish with Homemade Tartare Sauce


The Lastest Product Reviews

- Wed 07 Oct 2015

Good As Always A Usefull Fish For Fish Soup,

- Wed 30 Sep 2015

This Is Excellent Quality Fish - Tasty And Easy To Cook.
Mrs Gridley - TONBRIDGE,

- Thu 10 Sep 2015

Always Tasty, Though Price Has Increased A Lot
Mrs Tyrer - POOLE,

- Sat 25 Jul 2015

Excellent Flavour And Very Fresh
Mrs Doody - STAFFORD,

- Tue 17 Mar 2015

Wife Liked And Shes Fussy,thanks
Mr Lovegrove - DIDCOT,

- Sun 02 Nov 2014


- Mon 01 Sep 2014

Good Flavour.
Mrs Barnes - STROUD

- Sun 20 Jul 2014

Now That Was Proper Fish. Meaty And Flavoursome.
Mr Charles - NEWHAVEN

- Mon 14 Jul 2014

Equally As Good As Cod,full Of Flavour.

- Thu 03 Jul 2014

Love It As Not Easliy Available Elsewhere And Grew Up On This In South Africa A Really Tasty Fish
Mrs Addison - SUNBURY,

- Sun 22 Jun 2014

Very Tasty. Much Better Than Cod.
Mrs Baggott - BISHOPSTOKE,

- Fri 20 Jun 2014


- Thu 08 May 2014

Always Order This Now, Cheaper Alternative To Cod Just As Tasty.
Mr Hall - WIDLEY

- Wed 23 Apr 2014

Mr Mageean - FARNHAM

- Wed 09 Apr 2014

Cooked Well And Very Tasty
Mrs Saunders - COLDEN COMMON,

- Wed 26 Mar 2014

Really Enjoyed This With A Poached Egg
Mrs Randalls - BOURNEMOUTH,

- Tue 25 Mar 2014

Absolutely Delicious
Mrs Carmichael - GUILDFORD,

- Wed 13 Nov 2013

Made Ale Batter And Chips - Great
Mrs Pollington - READING,

- Mon 23 Sep 2013

Did In My Steamer Very Good
Mrs Baker - WORTHING,

- Sun 22 Sep 2013

Delicious Baked With A Mild Cheesy Sauce Topped With Sliced Tomatoes, And With A Garlic And Herb Infused Toasted Crumb On Top. Sprinkle Sparingly W...
Mr Clements - POOLE,

- Tue 07 Mar 2017

Nice Tasty Fish
Mrs Baggott - BISHOPSTOKE,

- Fri 07 Mar 2014

Fine Piece Of Hake


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