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Vibrant Forest is a small microbrewery located on the edge of Lymington and our passion is to develop, experiment and brew richly flavoured beer full of exceptional character.

We won't tolerate 'dull' or 'boring', so whether it be from a cask or from a bottle we want our beer to excite the palate and stimulate the taste buds.!

A great sessionable beer that is full of flavour

All of our beers are vegan friendly as we don't use Isinglass (derived from fish swim bladders) to clear our beers as we don't like to strip any of the incredible flavours and aromas out of our product for the sake of clarity. This means that all of our beers are hazy to a degree, the hoppy ones being that much hazier (as the hop particulate matter remains in suspension) with Summerlands being one of our most heavily hopped beers. All of our beers are also bottle conditioned - this is where we add a small amount of sugar to the beer before bottling which activates the yeast which, in turn, produces CO2 to naturally carbonate the beer. This process leaves a degree of yeast in the bottom of the bottle - the bottle states this and warns to pour carefully to avoid this natural sediment from getting into the glass. Unfined beer is a rapidly growing movement in the craft beer market but is something some people are still learning about.




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A core beer for VIbrant Forest Brewery that has huge amount of flavour for a low ABV. A very sessionable beer.

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