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ThaiRanno Citrus IPA

An unfiltered real ale made using only natural ingredients and is a living product that has been 'conditioned' for the ultimate beer experience. Remember to drink responsibly!

Uniquely flavoured Pale Ale. Delicious on its own or the perfect accompaniment to rich/spicy foods.

Thai-Ranno Citrus IPA


Thai-Ranno Citrus IPA

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Product Description

This uniquely flavoured Pale Ale is sure to surprise with its harmonious combination of aromatic Kaffir Lime delicately infused with American hops. Distinct Lime and peach flavours & aromas are balanced with hoppy bitterness. Delicious on its own or the perfect accompaniment to rich/spicy foods.

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Joe Ross

Located In: Portsmouth

Joe Ross, Jon Chapman and Russ Cox aka Staggeringly Good, proudly make 'Beer for people who love to ride dinosaurs' The Portsmouth based brewery launched its first beer, 'StaggerSaurus' in April 2014 and have since taken the local beer scene by storm. It all began after they created some personalised beers for a friend's stag do - hence the other meaning of Staggeringly Good - using the brewing equipment at The Brewhouse

Joe Ross of Staggeringly Good in Portsmouth

Farmer's Choice Free Range Ltd

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Water, Barley, Hops, Kaffir Lime Leaves, Yeast


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