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Our Selection Of Set Packs

If you don't want to spend the time selecting individual items from our list, you can take a look at some of our set boxes to make an easy and quick produce purchase!

View Case of 6 Classic Cuvee

Case of 6 Classic Cuvee

Contains 6 items.

6 x (750g) Classic Cuvee

Pack Price £177.42
View Case of 6 Sparkling Rose

Case of 6 Sparkling Rose

Contains 6 items.

6 x (750g) Sparkling Rose

Pack Price £220.92

SAVE £8.46

View Mystery 6 Pack Cider

Mystery 6 Pack Cider

Contains 6 items.

6 x (500g) Mystery Cider Bottle

Pack Price £15.00
Individual Price £23.46
View New Years Eve Pack

New Years Eve Pack

Contains 7 items.

1 x (100g) Dorset Cured Lomo
1 x (175g) Trout Pate
1 x (200g) St Endellion Cornish Brie
1 x (250g) Dorset Blue Vinny
1 x (750g) Classic Cuvee
1 x (220g) Olives: Chilli Pepper
1 x (100g) Dorset Cured Coppa

Pack Price £56.99
View Party Pack

Party Pack

Contains 14 items.

2 x (50g) Pork Scratching - Original
2 x (500g) Dragonfly - Dry Cider
2 x (500g) Royal Berkshire Cider
2 x (500g) Meon Valley
2 x (500g) Cranberry Cider - Medium Sweet
2 x (500g) Macavity
2 x (500g) Stagger Saurus IPA

Pack Price £41.76


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