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Delicatessen Boxes from Farmer's Choice

Created using British free range Meat and Local Cheeses - delivered to your door

Deli Boxes Suggestions

View BBQ Marinade Pack

BBQ Marinade Pack

Contains 0 items.

View Boxing Day Pack

Boxing Day Pack

1 x (500g) Sourdough Bread : White
1 x (100g) Dorset Cured Lomo - Free Range
1 x (227g) Handmade Piccallilli
1 x (220g) Red Chilli Jelly
1 x (125g) Buffalo Mozzarella - Organic
1 x (175g) Trout Pate
1 x (275g) Real Ale Chutney
1 x (225g) Tomatoes: Cherry Vine
1 x (190g) Barbers 1833 Vintage Cheddar
1 x (220g) Olives: Garlic Stuffed
1 x (250g) Oak Smoked Tomato Balsamic ...
1 x (220g) Clawson Blue Stilton
1 x (100g) Dor...

Contains 13 items.

View Chutney Taster Pack

Chutney Taster Pack

Contains 0 items.

View Turkey & Mushroom Pie Kit

Turkey & Mushroom Pie Kit

1 x (325g) Diced Turkey Breast - Free ...
1 x (250g) Mushrooms: Cup
1 x (168g) Onions
1 x (50g) Garlic: Provence Large
1 x (96g) Stock Pot (Chicken)

Contains 5 items.

Suppliers may vary dependant upon product/seasonal demands


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