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Vintage Cheddar from Farmer's Choice

Award winning cheddar created and aged on the Somerset family farm

Barbers 1833 Vintage Cheddar

Barbers 1833 Vintage Cheddar

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Reviews (25)

Product Description

A beautiful mature farmhouse cheddar, with a tangy flavour.
This vintage cheddar is made 3 times each week, surprisingly all 3 cheddars taste different. Due to our preference, we choose the Wednesday Cheese.

Barbers 1833 Vintage Reserve Cheddar represents the summit of our achievements in making cheddar over six generations. Only a few vats each month are deemed good enough to be matured for 24 months to reach its full potential.

The result is a cheddar that is powerful in its intensity with an unrivalled complexity and depth of flavour. Whilst the cheese retains a distinctive smooth and creamy background it often provides a slightly crunchy texture that is a result of the natural development of calcium lactate crystals late in the ageing process.

A must of the cheese board or as an ingredient to add fantastic depth and intensity to a recipe.

Leave this cheese to reach room tempreture to get the best taste.
Goes nicely with crackers or can be used in cooking to give a lovely bite to any pasta dish. Suitable for vegetarians and coeliacs.

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Storage Details

Store at 0 - 5C Use within 3 days of opening

Best kept in the fridge
This item is not suitable for freezing.

Ingredients & Allergen


Cows Milk (96. 73%) Pure Dried Vaccum Salt (2%) Starter Culture (1. 25) Vegetarian Rennet (0. 02%).

Recipes (7)

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The Lastest Product Reviews

- Wed 20 Jan 2016

A Great Cheddar With A Bite And Tang To Please The Palate.
Mr Mason - GOSPORT,

- Mon 28 Dec 2015

My Favourite I Order This All Year Around And Not Just For Christmas
Mrs Welch - GOSPORT

- Mon 16 Nov 2015

5 Lovely

- Mon 21 Sep 2015

Rich Flavour And Medium Soft Texture. Great With A Bit Of Pickle.
Mrs Reid - GOSPORT

- Sat 29 Aug 2015

Yummy Cheese, Good Flavour Without Being Overly Strong.
Mrs Nother - WIDLEY,

- Tue 28 Jul 2015

A Reasonably Priced Vintage Cheddar Which Is Good Enough To Grace Any Cheese Board At A Dinner Party Or Summer Gathering But Also Humble Enough For...
Mrs Harding - WIMBORNE,

- Wed 03 Jun 2015

Excellent- Good Strong Flavour
Mrs Hodgson - SUNBURY

- Mon 18 May 2015

Very Good
Mrs Reinhold - HOVE,

- Fri 27 Feb 2015


- Fri 09 Jan 2015

The Best Cheddar Ever
Mrs Morris - BRIGHTON,

- Mon 15 Dec 2014

Lovely Cheese And Very Moorish ! A Bigger Pack Would Be Nice As It Disappears Very Fast In Or House..

- Tue 11 Nov 2014

Very Tasty!
Miss Foot - POOLE,

- Sun 19 Oct 2014

Very Good Cheese Will Buy Again
Mrs Lawrence - SOUTHAMPTON,

- Sat 11 Oct 2014

My Husband Found This To Be Delicious With His Crackers.
Mrs Stranks - BOURNEMOUTH,

- Thu 09 Oct 2014

Great Cheese Lovely Flavour

- Mon 22 Sep 2014

Wonderful Strong Flavour, Perfect With A Full Bodied Glass Of Red!
Mrs Campbell - BOURNEMOUTH

- Thu 04 Sep 2014

Excellent. . .

- Sun 31 Aug 2014

Enjoyed Very Much
Mrs Sturgess - SOUTHAMPTON

- Tue 19 Aug 2014

V Nice Have Ordered Again

- Mon 07 Jul 2014

Beautiful Texture And Taste
Mr Chandler - FERNDOWN

- Tue 10 Jun 2014

Lovely Flavour!

- Sun 08 Jun 2014

Really Lovely So Tasty Didnt Last Long Delicious With Crackers.
Mrs Noakes - WOKING,

- Fri 21 Feb 2014

Tasty Cheese, Great With Chutney And Cheese Biscuits
Mrs Dorman - STAINES

- Fri 13 Dec 2013


- Wed 02 Jul 2014

Really Nice Full Flavour
Mr Piper - WOKING,


Ingredients & Allergens

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