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Sister Sarah Goats Cheese

Sister Sarah Goats Cheese

Sister Sarah Goats Cheese

Price £ 3.29 per 100g

Reviews (11)

Product Description

A new mild semi-soft cheese made in our dairy with Goat milk.

The goat milk is supplied to us by small herd of goats, from a farm in Kent. Although not organic, the goats are free to graze the pastures during the summer, and fed a diet of hay in the winter, when they remain in the buildings out of the weather. “Sister Sarah” is matured for just 4 - 6 weeks. The cheese is very white as goats digest all the carotene in the grass.

The milk is cooled immediately after milking and this results in a mild cheese, with a delicious flavour and without any “goatiness”, which is often associated with goat cheese. In fact most people will not realise that it is a goat milk cheese.

Coated in annatto (a south American berry), gives the cheese a cheerful bright orange rind.

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Storage Details

Best kept in the fridge
See packaging for best before date

Ingredients & Allergen

Pasteurised Milk, Salt, Vegetable Rennet, Cultures.
Coasting: Annatto.


The Lastest Product Reviews

- Wed 17 May 2017

Great Flavour Will Get Again

- Fri 18 Dec 2015

Very Nice

- Mon 28 Sep 2015

Simply Superb!!

- Tue 21 Apr 2015

Mr Aston - NEW MALDEN,

- Sun 05 Apr 2015

Very Nice Flavour

- Tue 17 Jun 2014

Loved It!...gone In 1 Sitting For A Party I Had. X
Mrs Miller - VERWOOD,

- Mon 19 May 2014

Delicious -the Whole Family Loved It!
Mrs Chapman - WOKING,

- Sun 23 Mar 2014

Good Texture, Tasty, But Not Strong.
Mrs Fellows - POOLE,

- Sat 27 Dec 2014

Creamy And Mild Taste, Not That Strong Goat Flavour Often Get - Lovely
Mr Phillips - BRACKNELL,

- Sun 04 May 2014

Tasty But Expensive
Mr McAndrew - SUNBURY,

- Fri 11 Apr 2014

Ok - Not Bad


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