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Quickes Double Devonshire Cheese

Sophisticated subtle buttery flavour a unique take on Double Gloucester

Quickes Double Devonshire

Quickes Double Devonshire

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Product Description

This cheese has a subtle, buttery flavour that proves a tangy treat for the palate. Matured for a relatively short period - between one and three months - Double Devonshire is a quietly sophisticated cheese that adds a touch of distinction to a cheese-board and finds an excellent accompaniment in Riesling.
This product is made with vegetarian rennet and a solid oil rind, now suitable for vegetarians.

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Mary Quickes

Located In: Newton St Cyres,Devon

Our cheese is supplied by Quickes Traditional farm in Devon. Quickes Traditional make award-winning traditional cheeses using milk from theirr dairy herd. Every truckle is handmade by one of nine skilled cheese makers before being wrapped in muslin and carefully matured for anything up to 24 months.

Mary Quickes of Quickes Cheese in Newton St Cyres,Devon

Farmer's Choice Free Range Ltd


The Lastest Product Reviews

- Wed 02 Dec 2015

Very Yasty

- Mon 30 Mar 2015

Creamy And Tasty

- Wed 19 Nov 2014

Very Tasty Enjoyed It Very Much
Ms McRoberts - BUDE,

- Sun 16 Nov 2014

Mrs Atkinson - MYTCHETT,

- Thu 13 Nov 2014

Wonderful Taste And Texture.

- Fri 20 Jun 2014

Delicious - Tangy, Firm And More-ish.
Mrs Stansfeld - BIDEFORD,

- Sun 10 May 2015

A Nice Change To Have A Double Gloucester That Had A Genuine Flavour. Very Enjoyable

- Mon 09 Feb 2015

I Thought The Cheese Tasted A Little Too Sweet For My Liking.

- Fri 13 Mar 2015

Not To My Liking
Mrs Saunders - BASINGSTOKE,


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