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Free Range Pork Pie

Handmade traditional pork pie made using our South Downs pork meat

Pork Pie

Pork Pie

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Reviews (47)

Product Description

A hand made traditional pork pie, with a hot water pastry base and lid ready for you to cook. Just brush the top with beaten egg and cook in a hot oven for approximately 30/40 minutes.

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Farmers Choice

Located In: Fareham, Hampshire

Farmer's Choice butchers only use quality meat from local farmers. Our meat comes straight from our hand picked partner farms, our animals are naturally grown, there's no reason to rush. Our animals graze in the most natural way, foraging and romaing on the South Downs in the New Forest and across Hampshire. This means the meat we select and assemble for our special meat packs is always traceable, tender and tasty.

Farmers Choice of Farmers Choice in Fareham, Hampshire

Farmer's Choice Free Range Ltd

General Information

Free Range Pork Pie

Countries Of Origin - BRITAIN (GB),

General Information

Each pork pie weight 200g and feeds 1 person

Suppliers may vary dependant upon product/seasonal demands


Storage Details

Keep frozen at -18C or below
Freezer shelf life: 12 months from date of production or see label
Defrost in refrigerator and use within 48 hours - do not refreeze

Cooking Guide

Cooking Times

Best Cooked From Frozen Cooking Method: oven bake
Temperature: 180oC / 350oC Gas Mark 4-5

Time: 40 minutes - 50minutes or until minimum internal temperature of 75oC for two minutes.

For best results leave the pie to cool over night in the fridge before serving with some Farmers Choice English mustard.

Ingredients & Allergen

Wheat Flour, Pork (30%), Water, Lard, Bacon, Rusk, Pepper, Salt, Full Fat Soya Flour, Mixed Herbs.


The Lastest Product Reviews

- Mon 18 May 2015

Excellent Idea To Cook From Frozen - Still Oven Fresh And Tasty
Mrs Reinhold - HOVE,

- Sun 19 Apr 2015

Lovely Meaty Flavour With Good Crispy Pastry. Delicious!
Mrs Lammin - BRACKNELL,

- Thu 26 Feb 2015

We Enjoyed It Very Much.

- Mon 16 Feb 2015

Lovely Pie
Mrs Hadnett - PORTSMOUTH,

- Wed 07 Jan 2015

My Favorite ... We Love Them Hot With Mash And Gravy Yummy

- Sun 09 Nov 2014

A Pie To Die For. Luvverly!
Mr Withers - SWANMORE,

- Sun 21 Sep 2014

All Awesome

- Tue 26 Aug 2014

Superb, Meaty And Tasty, Loved The Pepperiness! Each To His Own!

- Sat 23 Aug 2014

My Husband Loved This Pie!

- Tue 08 Jul 2014

Good Texture And Good Look I Rate This With 3 Stars
Mrs Read - NEW MALDEN,

- Sun 01 Jun 2014

Great For Picnics And With Veg And Gravy Very Versitile

- Tue 20 May 2014

Ideal For Picnics, Just The Right Size. Nicely Seasoned.
Mrs Simpson - BRACKNELL,

- Mon 19 May 2014

Very Tasty, A Wonderful Addition To My Boring Lunchtime Sandwich.

- Sat 10 May 2014

Absolutely Delicious, Both Hot And Cold.
Mrs Jeffrey - PORTSMOUTH,

- Tue 29 Apr 2014

We Thought They Were Very Good.
Mrs Mathers - SPALDING,

- Mon 28 Apr 2014

Very Tasty - Hot And Cold Both Worked Very Well.

- Fri 25 Apr 2014

The Pork Pies Are Delicious, Just Make Sure That You Leave Them In The Oven, Until The Pastry Is Nice And Brown

- Mon 21 Apr 2014

Quality And Best Flavour

- Wed 16 Apr 2014

Xxxxx We Loved Them.
Mrs Miller - VERWOOD,

- Sat 05 Apr 2014

Great Pie

- Tue 25 Mar 2014

Too Good! Wanted To Eat Too Many!

- Mon 24 Mar 2014

Full Of Flavour.

- Sat 15 Feb 2014

My Husband And I Enjoyed The Pork Pies Very Much. I Cooked Them And We Ate Them Hot With Vegetables, But I Think They Will Be Equally Nice Cold Wi...

- Tue 11 Feb 2014

Very Enjoyable Pies, Surprisingly Good As I Normally Only Buy MoltonMowbery Pies. I Will Order Again.

- Sun 09 Feb 2014

Lovely Tasty Pie That Was Not Fatty.

- Thu 06 Feb 2014

Delicious. I Will Def Order These Again. Easy To Cook And Not Too Fatty.
Ms Heiser - HOVE,

- Tue 14 Jan 2014

A Very Enjoyable Tasty Pie I Will Order More

- Wed 08 Jan 2014

Very Nice Will Order More
Mrs Goodfellow - CHRISTCHURCH,

- Thu 02 Jan 2014

Good Pastry And Lovely Meaty Filling

- Thu 26 Dec 2013

Just How I Like It.

- Sat 07 Dec 2013

Very Nice Something Differnt

- Thu 24 Oct 2013

Really Good, Full Of Meat Will Try Them Cold Next Time.

- Sat 12 Oct 2013

Delicious Pies, Had Them Still Warm From Oven With Salad And Baked Potato. Would Be Nice To Take Cold On A Picnic.

- Wed 04 Sep 2013

These Were Great, Cooked Them At The Same Time As My Steak Pie, Then Refrigerated Overnight. No Fat Or Gristle, And No Jelly - Really Tasty.
Mr White - GOSPORT

- Mon 14 Sep 2015

The Pastry Was Lovely And The Pie Full Of Good Quality Meat But My Husband Missed The Jelly!
Mrs Day - FRIMLEY,

- Wed 01 Apr 2015

My Daughter And I Really Enjoyed Them. Thank You.
Mrs Hibbert - CANNOCK,

- Wed 25 Mar 2015

Nice And Tasty. Enjoyed It.

- Sat 22 Nov 2014

Very Meaty And Ever So Tasty. A Substantial Pie.
Mrs Allen - LONDON,

- Sat 01 Nov 2014

Shame There Is No Jelly Round The Pork In The Pies Any More. Otherwise Delicious.

- Wed 06 Aug 2014

Good Pastry Although Filling Was A Little Too Peppery For Me.
Ms Huntley - HERSHAM,

- Tue 01 Jul 2014

Very Nice I Liked The Pastry And Plenty Of Meat Inside.

- Fri 13 Dec 2013

Lovely Pie, Would Have Liked To See Some Jelly Though

- Wed 13 Nov 2013

For Best Results Found Cooking From Defrosted. Good Pastry And Meat Filling. I Was Pleased There Was No Jelly.

- Tue 06 Jan 2015

More Jelly

- Sun 03 Nov 2013

Overall Ok. Pastry Was Nice And Crispy, But Missed The Jelly And Meat Could Have Had More Seasoning, Lacked A Bit Of Flavour.
Miss Skipper - EPSOM,

- Sun 27 Oct 2013

Not Really Enjoyed Sorry I Will Maybe Try Again
Mrs Slark - SALISBURY,

- Tue 19 Aug 2014

A Little Too Peppery For Me


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