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  • Pet Food Items From Farmer's Choice

    A completely free range, natural diet for your pets - delivered to your door

    Waste not, want not! Here at Farmer's Choice we don't like to waste anything. When we receive the whole carcass we don't want there to be anything left. Back in May 2013 we contacted the Dogs Trust and asked if they could take the bones and the mince (minced bits and pieces we humans cannot eat) - answer was obviously 'yes please'. Since then we have been sending 4 boxes of bones and 25 packs of petfood mince a week to the Dogs Trust in Shoreham.

    Free Range Pet Food Suggestions

    Discover more about our Pigs Ears: Dried (South Downs) - Free Range
    Pigs Ears: Dried (South Downs) - Free Range

    Pack(2) (100g) £1.57
    Sold per item
    Discover more about our Marrow Bones - Free Range
    Marrow Bones - Free Range

    £0.21 per 100g
    Discover more about our Pet Food Mince - Free Range
    Pet Food Mince - Free Range

    500g £1.25
    £0.25 per 100g

    Suppliers may vary dependant upon product/seasonal demands


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