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A Selection of our Free Range Meat Boxes

Pick from the suggestions or create your own - delivered to your door

Our meat boxes are only a suggestion. You can either put the whole lot in your basket or use them as a basis to create your own. Get your British free range, grass fed meat delivered to your door.

Free Range Meat Boxes Suggestions

Discover more about our Wicker Hamper
Wicker Hamper

Item (1000g) £10.26
Sold per item
View Beer and Steak

Beer and Steak

2 x (400g) Tomahawk Steak (cote de boe...
6 x (500g) Veloci Rapture AIPA

Contains 8 items.

View Sunday Roast Pork Pack

Sunday Roast Pork Pack

1 x (1000g) Potts Roasting Kit Pork
1 x (1200g) Pork Loin Joint Boned & Rol...
1 x (800g) Swede
1 x (1500g) Cauliflower
1 x (400g) Parsnips
1 x (450g) Carrot

Contains 6 items.

View BBQ Chops & Ribs Pack

BBQ Chops & Ribs Pack

1 x (444g) Minty Lamb Riblets - Free Range
1 x (600g) Minty Lamb Breakfast Chop - Free ...
2 x (300g) Sw&Sr Pork Chop Breakfast - Free ...
2 x (600g) Peking Baby Back Ribs Chinese - Fr...

Contains 6 items.

View BBQ Essentials Pack

BBQ Essentials Pack

1 x (1000g) Piri Piri Chicken Wings - Free Range
1 x (454g) Beef Kofta Kebabs - Free Range
1 x (465g) Farmers Classic Steak Burge...
1 x (500g) Sausages: Lamb & Mint - Fre...
1 x (454g) Lamb Kofta Kebab - Free Range
1 x (465g) Turkey Grills - Free Range
1 x (500g) Tandoori Pork Chump Steak - Free Range
1 x (1000g) BBQ Chicken Drumsticks - Free R...
1 x (600g) Peking Baby Back Ribs Chinese - Fr...
1 x (500g) Sausages: Pork - Free Range

Contains 10 items.

Suppliers may vary dependant upon product/seasonal demands


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