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Small Family Essentials Pack of Free Range Meat

Our small family essentials free range pack contains our award winning South Downs meats

Select Farmer's Choice Small Family Essentials pack if you want all your favourite cuts in one value for money delivery! Our top quality meat packs are perfect for the whole family and there's something for everybody in our Small Family Essentials Pack. We have put together some delicious cuts like rump steak, silverside parcel and pork loin parcel; diced meats of lamb, beef, turkey breast, and pork; and not forgetting chicken, mince and sausages. Our small pack is perfect for small families, or for having just a taster of our fantastic free range meat.

Farmer's Choice has put together a selection of the best and finest, great value meat in special family essential packs of varied sizes. Some of the benefits of buying meat packs instead of individual cuts are that it is practical, value for money, and is easy for stocking up on any of the meats you require, especially if you are busy and hard-pressed for time. Our products are fresh and will be home-delivered to you anywhere in the UK. To place an online order, just login, follow the simple steps to place an order, and we will deliver at a time suited to you.

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Silverside Parcel - Free Range 800g (1.764 lb)  x 1
Diced Beef - Free Range 250g (0.551 lb)  x 1
Minced Steak - Free Range 250g (0.551 lb)  x 1
Chicken Whole (Giblets) - Free Range Small (1500g) x 1
Diced Turkey Breast - Free Range 250g (0.551 lb)  x 1
Diced Lamb Leg - Free Range 250g (0.551 lb)  x 1
Mini Lamb Roast - Free Range 700g (1.543 lb)  x 1
Pork Loin Parcel - Free Range 800g (1.764 lb)  x 1

Individual Price £62.60

Pack Price £61.72

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View Silverside Parcel - Free Range

Silverside Parcel - Free Range

View Diced Beef - Free Range

Diced Beef - Free Range

View Minced Steak - Free Range

Minced Steak - Free Range

View Chicken Whole (Giblets) - Free Range

Chicken Whole (Giblets) - Free Range

View Diced Turkey Breast - Free Range

Diced Turkey Breast - Free Range

View Diced Lamb Leg - Free Range

Diced Lamb Leg - Free Range

View Mini Lamb Roast - Free Range

Mini Lamb Roast - Free Range

View Pork Loin Parcel - Free Range

Pork Loin Parcel - Free Range


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