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Farmer's Choice Medium Family Essentials Pack

Feed the family with British free range meat, easy weekend night meals or super Sunday roasts

Our medium family essentials meat pack offers you a whole host of different free range meat cuts to provide you with endless meals for the family. In this medium-sized pack Farmer's Choice has selected diced meat like lamb, turkey, pork and beef, as well as a whole chicken, stir fry beef, a topside joint, minced beef and legs of pork and lamb.

Family essentials meat packs are a concept that Farmer's Choice created in order to put together an assortment of wholesome and flavoursome meats in one easy pack for the benefit of our customers. We believe that it's advantageous to our customers as it's competitively priced and is convenient for all those who have a hectic lifestyle and don't have time to make frequent trips to the butchers or supermarket. Buying meat packs is more beneficial than buying individual meat cuts and portions. If you like cooking a variety of meats, catering to your family's different preferences, or you are planning on hosting a get-together, the reasons are aplenty, and ordering our family essential pack is practical and time-saving solution. Our meat packs are always delivered frozen too, so your medium essentials pack will last you for as long as necessary.

So go ahead, just place an order for a small, medium or large meat pack and leave the rest to us. We ensure you that we will deliver our top quality, free range meat pack to your doorstep as soon as possible.


Easy Shopper Packs

Topside Joint - Free Range 1000g (2.205 lb)  x 1
Diced Beef - Free Range 500g (1.102 lb)  x 1
Stir Fry Beef - Free Range 500g (1.102 lb)  x 1
Minced Steak - Free Range 500g (1.102 lb)  x 1
Chicken Whole (Giblets) - Free Range Medium (1700g) x 1
Diced Turkey Breast - Free Range 500g (1.102 lb)  x 1
Diced Lamb Leg - Free Range 500g (1.102 lb)  x 1
Leg Lamb Half - Free Range 1200g (2.646 lb)  x 1
Leg Pork Boned & Rolled - Free Range 1200g (2.646 lb)  x 1

Pack Price £104.28

Add Individual Farmer's Choice Products From This Pack

Discover more about our Topside Joint - Free Range
Topside Joint - Free Range

The leanest and most popular of the beef joints. Care should be taken not to over-cook this joint.

£1.63 per 100g
Discover more about our Diced Beef - Free Range
Diced Beef - Free Range

Ideal for casseroles, curries and kebabs. Cut from the leg. Very lean and tender.

£1.60 per 100g
Discover more about our Stir Fry Beef - Free Range
Stir Fry Beef - Free Range

Stir fry beef makes an easy quick and satisfying meal when our crunchy fresh vegetables are added with a marinade of your choice.

£2.43 per 100g
Discover more about our Minced Steak - Free Range
Minced Steak - Free Range

Our grass fed minced steak. Great for shepherds pie, lasagne, cottage pie, chilli or spag bol Also makes for comfort food like mince and mash.

£0.96 per 100g
Discover more about our Chicken Whole (Giblets) - Free Range
Chicken Whole (Giblets) - Free Range

Very versatile, plump and succulent with no added water. Comes complete with giblets in cavity, ideal for making that delicious traditional gravy.

£0.60 per 100g
Discover more about our Diced Turkey Breast - Free Range
Diced Turkey Breast - Free Range

Perfect for curries, traditional farmhouse turkey pies and turkey stews.

£1.63 per 100g
Discover more about our Diced Lamb Leg - Free Range
Diced Lamb Leg - Free Range

Stews, casseroles, curries and kebabs. You need to cook on a slow heat to bring out the best in the meat. To tenderise for curries try marinading over

£2.05 per 100g
Discover more about our Leg Lamb Half - Free Range
Leg Lamb Half - Free Range

The leanest meat always comes from the leg, Can be supplied whole or in half and minty glazed.

£1.48 per 100g
Discover more about our Leg Pork Boned & Rolled - Free Range
Leg Pork Boned & Rolled - Free Range

Can be cut to suit your family needs. This joint is also available on the bone.

£1.15 per 100g


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