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Organic British Rose Veal

Hampshire Succulent Rose Veal - delivered to your door

Buy rose veal from Farmer's Choice for a tender, British and RSPCA Freedom Food approved meat packed with nutrients, minerals and less fat.

Veal has had a difficult reputation in the past, but that is no longer the case with British veal. Calf farming has greatly improved in the EU, and keeping calves in crates is now in fact banned completely in the UK. British rose is a variety of veal that is approved by the RSPCA and the Freedom Food programme, meaning when you buy rose veal, you don't need to worry about the welfare of the calves farmed for the meat.

But what is rose veal? Rose veal is meat from calves allowed to mature to 35 weeks or over, meaning the meat is dark pink in colour rather than white. We source our free range rose veal from a British farm where the calves are reared outdoors with their mothers for 12 months and fed only by the grass they graze on. We believe that this is the right way in which to deal with the male offspring from dairy cattle that elsewhere would normally be considered a waste product and treated as such.

With its discreet flavour, veal is generally more tender than meat from older cattle. Like beef, veal can be eaten as a simple steak or roasted, but its texture and taste allows a greater flexibility in the kitchen. Choose from our veal steaks, roast joints, mince, diced veal and escalopes to enjoy veal with any sort of meal - order today with Farmer's Choice Free Range.


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