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Free Range Diced Rabbit Meat

Looking for diced rabbit meat for preparing healthy but hearty casseroles or pies? Want a quick stir fry idea, or a more adventurous recipe like wild game paprikash? Look no further as Farmer's Choice offers an excellent selection of diced rabbit, as well as other game meats, for their discerning customers at a competitive price. Sourced exclusively from our free range partners Yorkshire Game in Richmond; our free range diced rabbit is tender, naturally free range and ready to be put into any meal.

Like other lean meats, wild rabbit meat is finely grained and has a mild flavour. Rabbit meat is also an excellent source of high quality protein and is lower in fat compared to other meat such as pork and beef. This is why our farm-fresh, tasty, low-fat diced rabbit is one of the most popular meats around. So go ahead and try our wild game rabbit in your dinner today. You can even read recommended recipes for you rabbit below if you're not sure how best to serve up this tasty diced meat.

Diced Rabbit

Diced Rabbit

Price £ 2.04 per 100g

Reviews (5)

Product Description

Diced rabbit is firm meaty chunks of white meat. Makes a delicious casserole cooked with smoked bacon and lots of veggies. Will also make a beautiful curry or chinese dish.

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The Lastest Product Reviews

- Wed 13 Aug 2014

It Was Very Nice
Miss Hamilton - WOKING,

- Mon 02 Jun 2014

Excellent With Venison A Good Casserole

- Sun 23 Feb 2014

Rabbit Stew - Childhood Memories - Loved It
Mrs Brian - STAINES,

- Thu 12 Dec 2013

Made A Good Casserole
Mr Skelton - HOVE

- Tue 01 Oct 2013

I Prefer A Saddle Of Rabbit So It Can Be Cooked Whole. I Made A Casserole For My Father And He Loved It!


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