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Crunchy Crumb Coated Pork Loin

Crumb Coated South Downs Pork Loin from British Free Range Pigs

Pork Loin Crunchy Crumb Coated

Pork Loin Crunchy Crumb Coated

Price £ 1.94 per 100g

1000g (1000g) £17.29 (SAVING £ 2.14)

Reviews (5)

Product Description

A lovely lean pork loin joint with rind removed and coated in a spicey crunchy crumb. A new slant on an old favourite. Very tender and moist,and would be a talking point at a dinner party.

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Richard Scott

Located In: Storrington, West Sussex

Our free range pork is supplied by pigs from the Scott Free Range farm in West Sussex. The pigs are reared slowly, outside, in natural conditions that mean the pigs are kept in the most calming and peaceful environment possible. So you can be sure that when you order free range pork from Farmer's Choice you're getting meat from the most natural process available.

Richard Scott of Scott Free Range in Storrington, West Sussex

Farmer's Choice Free Range Ltd


Storage Details

Keep frozen at -18C or below
Freezer shelf life: 12 months from date of production or see label
Defrost in refrigerator and use within 48 hours - do not refreeze

Cooking Guide

Cooking Times

Cooking Method: Roast
Temperature: 180oC / 350oC Gas Mark 4-5

Medium: 30 minutes plus 30 minutes per 450g
Well Done: 35 minutes plus 35 minutes per 450g

*Cooking times may vary depending on cut. All information sourced from http://www.qmscotland.co.uk/

Cut Information

Know your cuts (Loin) - Farmers Choice

Know your cuts (Loin)

1 Star = Low - 5 Stars = High

Marbling Level

Texture Level

Pricing Level

Other Cut's from this section

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The Lastest Product Reviews

- Sat 18 Oct 2014

Outstanding Taste, Very Succulent And Delicious Cold
Mrs ODriscoll - WEYBRIDGE,

- Sun 30 Mar 2014

Very Tasty, Consumed Quickly!
Mr Adams - LISKEARD,

- Wed 27 Aug 2014

Meat Very Tasty But A Lot Of Coating Fell Off Before We Could Cook

- Wed 19 Mar 2014

This Was A Really Tasty Piece Of Meat With The Extra Flavour From The Coating.
Mrs Williams - CHICHESTER,

- Fri 29 Nov 2013

It Was A Tender Joint With Additional Taste Due To The Crumb Coating.
Mr Newman - NEW MALDEN,


Ingredients & Allergens

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