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British Pork Escalopes

Free Range Pork Escalopes from Slow Grown South Downs Pigs

Pork Escalopes

Pork Escalopes

Price £ 1.14 per 100g

250g (250g) £2.86

Reviews (32)

Product Description

Prepared from the leg. Tender very lean thin steaks ideal for frying, grilling or stir fry. Great for sandwiches.

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Richard Scott

Located In: Storrington, West Sussex

Our free range pork is supplied by pigs from the Scott Free Range farm in West Sussex. The pigs are reared slowly, outside, in natural conditions that mean the pigs are kept in the most calming and peaceful environment possible. So you can be sure that when you order free range pork from Farmer's Choice you're getting meat from the most natural process available.

Richard Scott of Scott Free Range in Storrington, West Sussex

Farmer's Choice Free Range Ltd


Storage Details

Keep frozen at -18C or below
Freezer shelf life: 12 months from date of production or see label
Defrost in refrigerator and use within 48 hours - do not refreeze

Cut Information

Know your cuts (Leg) - Farmers Choice

Know your cuts (Leg)

1 Star = Low - 5 Stars = High

Marbling Level

Texture Level

Pricing Level

Other Cut's from this section

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Ingredients & Allergen

For Glaze declarations see product page


The Lastest Product Reviews

- Wed 18 Nov 2015

Very Good
Mr Hogarth - BOSTON,

- Sun 10 May 2015

First Class Product But As Mentioned A Bit On The Pricey Side

- Tue 17 Mar 2015

Cooked In A White Wine And Crème Fraiche Sauce With Some Mushrooms. Very Tender And Worked Well As A Quick Midweek Meal.
Mr Bolton - ROMSEY,

- Sat 21 Feb 2015

Very Tender And Competitively Priced.
Mrs Pickett - FLEET,

- Thu 05 Feb 2015

Very Tasty And Tender.
Mrs Stainthorpe - FALKIRK,

- Fri 02 Jan 2015

Really Nice In Breadcrumbs. Delicious.
Miss Ander Wheeler - WINCHESTER,

- Wed 03 Dec 2014

As Always, Excellent!
Mr Langridge - GUILDFORD,

- Mon 03 Nov 2014


- Tue 30 Sep 2014

Absolutely Brilliant, I Cover Them In Breadcrumbs And Shallow Fry Them And Then Serve With Pasta And Tomato Sauce

- Fri 11 Jul 2014

Very Tasty And Very Tender, I Make A Topping Of Fresh Chopped Herbs, Sage, Parsley And Thyme And Mix With Whole Grain Mustard, Pop In The Oven With...

- Wed 04 Jun 2014

Just What We Wanted. Delicious Cooked With Onion And Apple

- Thu 29 May 2014

Ms Warzecha - BEDFORD,

- Sun 25 May 2014

Lovely And Tender. We Like Them Bashed Till Thin, Coat In Flour, Egg Then Seasoned Grated Parmesan And Breadcrumbs, Shallow Fried Till Golden. Yummmm!
Miss Skipper - EPSOM,

- Tue 25 Feb 2014

Very Tender
Mrs Baldock - BRIGHTON,

- Sun 16 Feb 2014

Excellent Product. Very Handy To Use. Tender And Tasty

- Fri 24 Jan 2014

One Of My Favourites, Very Tasty And Tender

- Wed 04 Dec 2013

Very Easy To Cook - Children Enjoy It.

- Sat 09 Nov 2013

Great With Cream For A Quick Evening Meal
Mrs Ireland - READING

- Wed 30 Oct 2013

Tasty, Tender And Took Minutes To Cook

- Fri 18 Oct 2013

Bread Crumbed Served With A Warm Bacon And Potato Salad Really Good

- Thu 17 Oct 2013

Delicious, Great Texture And Flavour.

- Mon 23 Sep 2013

Kids Love Them Too!

- Mon 23 Sep 2013


- Thu 12 Sep 2013

Very Tasty!

- Mon 14 Sep 2015

Good Quality And Flavour
Mrs Day - FRIMLEY,

- Thu 05 Mar 2015

Tasty But Slightly Expensive

- Tue 28 Jan 2014

The Escolopes Were Well Received & I Shall Be Re-ordering Them Today. Good Value For Money

- Sat 04 Jan 2014

Flavoursome And Tender.

- Sun 13 Oct 2013

Had Some In A Sweet And Sour Dish This Weekend And They Were Wonderfully Tender And Tasty.

- Thu 10 Oct 2013

Tasty And Tender, Lovely

- Tue 01 Oct 2013

Very Tasty
Mr Edwards - FAREHAM,

- Tue 10 Sep 2013

Little Bit Tough


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