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Free Range Pigs Heart

Pigs Heart from our South Downs free range pigs

Pigs Heart

Pigs Heart

Price £ 0.41 per 100g

Reviews (6)

Product Description

The meat from a pigs heart is full of flavour and nutrients. There are several ways to cook a pigs heart; it can be stuffed and placed in a slow cooker, stewed or sliced and fried. Just remember to remove all tubes and fat. Do not 'brown'.


Richard Scott

Located In: Storrington, West Sussex

Our free range pork is supplied by pigs from the Scott Free Range farm in West Sussex. The pigs are reared slowly, outside, in natural conditions that mean the pigs are kept in the most calming and peaceful environment possible. So you can be sure that when you order free range pork from Farmer's Choice you're getting meat from the most natural process available.

Richard Scott of Scott Free Range in Storrington, West Sussex

Farmer's Choice Free Range Ltd

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Storage Details

Keep frozen at -18C or below
Freezer shelf life: 12 months from date of production or see label
Defrost in refrigerator and use within 48 hours - do not refreeze


The Lastest Product Reviews

- Tue 18 Oct 2016

Great Offal For Unbeatable Price
Mr Kobelar - FELTHAM

- Fri 30 Jan 2015

Dogs Loved It!
Mrs Tindall - CATERHAM,

- Thu 22 Jan 2015

Went Down Very Well With Baxter The Dog, Thank You.
Mrs Gudgeon - TOTTON

- Wed 03 Dec 2014

Cooked These For 8 Hours In The Slow Cooker - Delicious Low Fat Meal
Mrs Granby - DORKING,

- Mon 13 Oct 2014

My Dogs Loved It. Big Thanks From Ronnie & Reggie.
Mrs Elliott - WREXHAM,

- Fri 14 Mar 2014

I Bought These For My Dogs And I Can Say That They Went Done A Treat!


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