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  • Farmer's Choice Pigs Cheek

    From our South Downs free range pigs

    Pigs Cheek

    Pigs Cheek

    Price £ 0.34 per 100g

    Reviews (29)

    Product Description

    Pigs cheeks need long slow cooking to bring out the flavour. Meltingly tender when braised or stewed. The taste is incredible.


    Richard Scott

    Located In: Storrington, West Sussex

    Our free range pork is supplied by pigs from the Scott Free Range farm in West Sussex. The pigs are reared slowly, outside, in natural conditions that mean the pigs are kept in the most calming and peaceful environment possible. So you can be sure that when you order free range pork from Farmer's Choice you're getting meat from the most natural process available.

    Richard Scott of Scott Free Range in Storrington, West Sussex

    Farmer's Choice Free Range Ltd

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    Storage Details

    Keep frozen at -18C or below
    Freezer shelf life: 12 months from date of production or see label
    Defrost in refrigerator and use within 48 hours - do not refreeze


    The Lastest Product Reviews

    - Wed 02 Sep 2015

    Dog Hasnt Tried Them Yet - But Look Like Excellent Quality.
    Mr McIntyre - GREENOCK,

    - Fri 20 Feb 2015

    Succulent. Reminded Me Of France Where I First Ate This Cut
    Mrs Hillman - ESHER,

    - Mon 12 Jan 2015

    Beautiful Meat, Great On Flavour Slow Cooked With Apples And Red Wine In The Absence Of Cidre. No Need To Trim The Fat.
    Mrs Tindall - CATERHAM,

    - Tue 09 Dec 2014

    Good Peice Of Meat , The Fat Keeps It Succulent , Popped In Slow Cooker With Cider And Apples Wonderful
    Mrs Burnett - HORSHAM

    - Sun 16 Nov 2014

    Lovely Flavour But Way Too Much Effort Involved With Trimming The Fat
    Mrs Lloyd - TRURO,

    - Wed 10 Sep 2014

    I Did Not Mind The Trimming, Worth The Effort. Tasty And Good Value. Great For Pie Filling. Good Slow Cooking.
    Mrs Elliott - WREXHAM,

    - Sun 10 Aug 2014

    Fantastic Item Generally. Sometimes Can Be A Bit Low On Meat And More Bone, But Have Ordered Them In The Past And They Have Generally Been Good. Co...
    Mrs Hewitt - BRAINTREE

    - Fri 20 Jun 2014

    The Pigs Cheek Really Surprised Me It Was Tender And Tasty.
    Mr Leedell - LOUGHBOROUGH

    - Tue 10 Jun 2014

    Required A Lot Of Trimming But Very Tasty Cooked,in The Slow Cooker.
    Mrs Hunter - ASH,

    - Fri 06 Jun 2014

    Needed A Lot Of Trimming But The Goulash Was Worth It!
    Mr Hallett - STEVENAGE,

    - Fri 28 Mar 2014

    Quite A Lot Of Prep In The Trimming - But I Cooked Them To A Pretty Simple Nigel Slater Recipe And It Was SO Worth The Effort For The Flavour! Very...
    Mr Sinclair - CHRISTCHURCH,

    - Thu 06 Mar 2014

    They Were Perfect For My Taste. I Am On A Keto Diet And Fatty Meat Is Perfect For That. Meat With Fat Is So Much Tastier Than Meat Without :)
    Mrs Smith - HITCHIN

    - Mon 10 Feb 2014

    Very Tasty, Ample Meat For 2 Servings, Will Buy Again
    Mrs Docherty - PENARTH,

    - Wed 01 Jan 2014

    We Love Pigs Cheek. Slice It Up And Put In A Slow Cooker, One Cartoon Of Chopped Tomatoes, An Onion, A Clove Of Garlic, A Tablespoon Smoked Or Regu...
    Miss Stone - BEDFORD,

    - Thu 12 Dec 2013

    I Found This A Wonderful Cut Of Meat Yes It Take Some Care And Attention To Get The Best Out Of It. My Advice Yes It Is Fatty But If U Cook It On A...
    Mr Maggs - SPALDING,

    - Fri 29 Nov 2013

    Really Fatty Compared To Previous Purchases. Not Enough Meat To Serve As Planned
    Mrs Harris - WEYBRIDGE,

    - Sun 17 Nov 2013

    Good Flavour And Something Different. Not For Those Who Strip Out Fat And Who Would Not Eat Streaky Bacon - But Fat And Flavour Are Necessary Compa...
    Mrs Spencer - HERSHAM

    - Fri 15 Nov 2013

    Bought These For The Dog, Cooked It In The Oven And It Looked So Tasty That My Son And I Tried A Bit. Delicious! :)

    - Wed 30 Oct 2013

    Makes The Best Chilli Ever. So Underrated But So Easy To Cook With And A Bargain To Boot
    Mrs Case - DIBDEN PURLIEU,

    - Fri 30 Aug 2013

    Really Good, Tasty Cheeks. Others Have Said It Is Too Fatty But I Enjoy That It Is - I Cut Off The Excess Fat And Use It To Bard Or Lard Leaner Me...

    - Fri 16 Aug 2013

    I Thought They Were Stunning .
    Mr Williams - PONTYCLUN,

    - Tue 22 Oct 2013

    Very Good Value, Though They Were Quite Gelatinous. This Was Great For Taste, But I Would Order Slightly More In The Future To Take Into Account H...
    Mrs Saville - LINCOLN,

    - Mon 19 Aug 2013

    Good Value But Much Fattier Than Of Cheeks
    Mrs Stainthorpe - FALKIRK,

    - Wed 07 Aug 2013

    It Was Fine. Very Good Value But Quite A Lot Of Fat.
    Mrs ODonnell - PURBROOK,

    - Fri 15 Aug 2014

    Too Much Work Trimming It Before Cooking
    Dr Kennedy - BANCHORY

    - Tue 25 Feb 2014

    Quite Fatty. Lot Of Trimming Needed. Exceptional Flavour Though.
    Mr Carter - LICHFIELD,

    - Tue 18 Feb 2014

    The Cheeks We Received Were Too Fatty Not Too Trim. What Was Left Tasted Nice, But I Estimate 50% Waste By Weight
    Mr Thorpe - SHEFFIELD

    - Sat 11 Jan 2014

    Tasty, But Far Too Little Meat To Be Worth The Effort. Perhaps Better If It As Larger, But This Was Quite Small. Would Recommend Ox Cheek In Prefer...
    Mr Boodhoo - WOKING

    - Tue 19 Nov 2013

    Not Great. Was Quite Fatty And Bit Of An Acquired Taste.
    Mrs Pauley - POOLE,


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