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Pet Food From Farmer's Choice

Raw food is a completely natural diet for your pets, free from processing. Dogs are carnivores - they have evolved and thrived on raw food for millennia, it is what their digestive systems were designed for.

Discover more about our Marrow Bones - Free Range
Marrow Bones - Free Range

Our British free range marrow bones are the perfect treat for your family pet.

£0.21 per 100g
Discover more about our Pet Food Mince - Free Range
Pet Food Mince - Free Range

Free Range petfood mince is 60% Chicken, 20% Beef and 20% Lamb. Not for human consumption. Now comes in 500g blocks (approx)

500g £1.25
£0.25 per 100g
Discover more about our Pigs Ears: Dried - Free Range
Pigs Ears: Dried - Free Range

Perfect for a dog treat, our pigs ears have been dried naturally.

Pack(2) (100g) £1.57
Sold per item

Dogs have a set of solid molars and extremely strong jaws that enable them to crush and chew raw meaty bones such as necks, backs, wings, ribs and carcasses. Through the consumption of such bones, they are able to acquire an easily assimilated, natural form of calcium essential to skeletal health.


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