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Pork Pancetta from Farmer's Choice

Pancetta from Slow Grown South Downs Free Range Pigs



Price £ 2.40 per 100g

150g (150g) £3.61

Reviews (17)

Product Description

Rindless pork bellies cured with our blend of special pancetta ingredients for 14 days, then smoked using hardwood sawdust. Our pancetta is then left for a further 7 days before being sliced and packed.

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Richard Scott

Located In: Storrington, West Sussex

Our free range pork is supplied by pigs from the Scott Free Range farm in West Sussex. The pigs are reared slowly, outside, in natural conditions that mean the pigs are kept in the most calming and peaceful environment possible. So you can be sure that when you order free range pork from Farmer's Choice you're getting meat from the most natural process available.

Richard Scott of Scott Free Range in Storrington, West Sussex

Farmer's Choice Free Range Ltd

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Know your cuts (Belly) - Farmers Choice

Know your cuts (Belly)

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Recipes (3)

View Rabbit Stew with Pancetta & Tarragoon

Rabbit Stew with Pancetta & Tarragoon

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Hot Shot Hot Pot

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Roasted Brussel Sprouts With Pancetta


The Lastest Product Reviews

- Wed 06 Jan 2016

Mrs Morrison - ADDLESTONE,

- Thu 12 Feb 2015

Brilliant Great Can Not Say Enough About It

- Sun 01 Feb 2015

Had The Pancetta With Our Brussel Sprouts. Really Flavoursome.
Mrs Bailey - WOKING

- Tue 20 Jan 2015

I Use This To Wrap Stuffed Chicken And Pork Tenderloin. It Has A Wonderful Smoked Taste.

- Sun 28 Dec 2014

This Has Great Flavour And Is So Different From What You Can Buy In The Supermarket. Authentic, Super Quality.
Mrs Marshall Cox - SOUTHAMPTON,

- Mon 06 Oct 2014

The Pancetta Is Amazing. So Different To Bacon. Excellent For All Kinds Of Dishes As Well As Sandwiches. Quite Salty Though.
Mrs Barnes - LEWES

- Fri 03 Oct 2014

Great, I Am Getting Some More Now
Mr Hiscock - WINCHESTER,

- Fri 13 Jun 2014

Good Flavour As Always
Miss Matthews - WESTBOURNE,

- Wed 11 Dec 2013

Excellent Flavourx
Mrs Sankey - WELLINGTON,

- Mon 18 Nov 2013

Not As Good As Previous, Very Fatty , But Still Fantastic Flavour

- Thu 07 Nov 2013

What Pancetta Should Be , Gorgeous

- Mon 07 Oct 2013

The Pancetta Was Really Good.
Mr Boonzajer - FARNHAM,

- Fri 27 Sep 2013

Beautifully Tasty And Rich In Flavour.

- Thu 22 Aug 2013

Wonderfully Rich Taste And Smell

- Tue 13 Aug 2013

Excellent Pancetta: Juicy, Tasty, And A Good Texture. This Will Be A Staple On The Order List Now.

- Mon 12 Aug 2013

Super Wrapped Round Chicken!
Mrs Bayliss - SOUTHAMPTON,

- Mon 22 Dec 2014

Quite Nice.
Mrs Forlano - NEW MALDEN,


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