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Free Range Lambs Kidneys

A most popular offal from our South Downs free range lambs

Lambs Kidney

Lambs Kidney

Price £ 1.04 per 100g

Reviews (15)

Product Description

Lambs kidneys can be served spiced up(deviled) as a snack on toast, or added to braising steak to make a tasty and nourishing casserole.

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Located In: Midhurst

Deep in the countryside of the South Downs National Park, Mark has his idyliic farm where he tends to his 600 sheep. His flock are left to graze the lush grass in the many fields and hills of the South Downs and live a truly natural, happy life, producing tender and meaty lamb cuts.

 of South Downs Lamb in Midhurst

Farmer's Choice Free Range Ltd


Storage Details

Keep frozen at -18C or below
Freezer shelf life: 12 months from date of production or see label
Defrost in refrigerator and use within 48 hours - do not refreeze


The Lastest Product Reviews

- Thu 02 Jul 2015

We Have Always Found That The Offal Including Kidneys Are Of Excellent Quality. Due To Wifes Kidney(Renal) Problem, It Is Recommended That She Sho...

- Sun 17 May 2015

Great Cooked With Red Wine

- Wed 22 Oct 2014

Mrs Morrison - ADDLESTONE,

- Wed 23 Jul 2014

My Daughter And Myself Found Them Most Enjoyable Cooked In A Mushroom Sauce.

- Wed 09 Jul 2014

Husband Loved Them

- Sat 05 Jul 2014

Excellent Value
Mrs Hillman - ESHER,

- Fri 20 Jun 2014

Lambs Kidney Excellent, You Will Not Be Disappointed,I Have Bought It On Every Order.

- Thu 10 Apr 2014

Good Quality And Great Taste
Mrs Burton - WOKING,

- Fri 07 Mar 2014

Great As Usual
Mrs Fratczak - POOLE,

- Sun 23 Feb 2014

Devilled Kidneys - My Hubbys Favourite And He Tells Me It Was Delicious
Mrs Brian - STAINES,

- Mon 03 Feb 2014

Made Adelicious Stir-fry.
Mr Hallett - STEVENAGE,

- Fri 27 Dec 2013

Great Service As Useual

- Mon 02 Dec 2013

Mrs ODonnell - PURBROOK,

- Fri 01 Nov 2013

Excellent In Every Way. Now I Want To Order 6 More Packets Of Six Kidneys!
Mr Weaving - HAMPTON,

- Sat 14 Feb 2015

Very Nice Thankyou
Mrs Caulder - SHEPPERTON,


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