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Haggis Minced Lamb and More Farmer's Choice

Whether it's minced lamb, lamb sausages or lamb offal like kidney, liver and heart; we offer a wide range of tender lamb meats of different quality cuts and sizes for our discerning customers. We even offer the traditional Scottish Haggis made from a delightful assortment of lamb offal, stock, oatmeal and spices. At Farmer's Choice, we believe in providing our customers with the best, so this is why our free range lamb products are regarded as second to none and the best quality around.

As opposed to commercially produced lamb products, Farmer's Choice Free Range ensure that we source our meat from only a few select farms, so that our customers know exactly where their meal is coming from. All our lambs are raised in completely free range conditions and are allowed to graze freely in open pastures. The result is exceptionally tasty and tender meat that is hard to find elsewhere.

So, all you need to do in order to sample our delicious free range meat products is just give us a call or login to our website and follow the simple steps to place your order. Our special delivery services will be right there at your doorstep with your selections in the scheduled time.


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