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  • Easy Cook Meals from Farmer's Choice Free Range

    Select easy cook meals from Farmer's Choice. Looking for healthier, tastier alternatives to commercially produced meals? Searching for quality pork, beef and lamb products that are made from free range meat that comes from healthy and well looked-after animals? Look no further as Farmer's Choice brings you great tasting easy cook meals made exclusively from premium cuts of meat. All our easy cook meals are made from the freshest of ingredients including 100% free range pork, lamb and beef.

    At Farmer's Choice Free Range, we source all the meat from our partner farms, thereby ensuring complete traceability of the products. All the animals are reared in completely free range conditions and all the farms firmly adhere to the standard guidelines of food hygiene and welfare. The end result is wholesome, tender, succulent meat producing some of the finest tasting sausages and burgers around. So order today, or for more details, send us an email or call our office for your perfect free range meal.


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