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Beef Fat from our British Beef

Fat from our British grass fed beef

Beef Fat

Beef Fat

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Pack (500g) £1.17

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Product Description

Beef fat or Lard. Slice up small or run through a food processor and melt in a slow cooker at a low temperature for 5 - 6 hours. Strain and place in an airtight container. Can be frozen.

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Farmers Choice

Located In: Fareham, Hampshire

Farmer's Choice butchers only use quality meat from local farmers. Our meat comes straight from our hand picked partner farms, our animals are naturally grown, there's no reason to rush. Our animals graze in the most natural way, foraging and romaing on the South Downs in the New Forest and across Hampshire. This means the meat we select and assemble for our special meat packs is always traceable, tender and tasty.

Farmers Choice of Farmers Choice in Fareham, Hampshire

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The Lastest Product Reviews

- Sun 11 Oct 2015

Love It!

- Sat 08 Aug 2015

Makes The Best Roast Potatoes!
Mr Townsend - TADWORTH,

- Mon 01 Dec 2014

It Was Good
Miss Aziz - READING,

- Sat 08 Nov 2014

I Loved This Fat.

- Thu 05 Jun 2014

Nice To Be Able To Buy Fat, Hope This Remains Available
Mrs Hinze - NEWARK,

- Sun 25 May 2014

Melted Down And Had The Best Dripping We Have Had In Years, Roast Potatoes Yorkshire Pudding Cooked In This Mouth Watering Beef Dripping, Will Defi...

- Mon 08 Feb 2016



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