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Farmer's Choice Back Rib Beef Joint

Back Rib Joint from Grass Fed British Free Range Meat

Back Rib Joint Boned & Rolled

Back Rib Joint Boned & Rolled

Price £ 1.09 per 100g

Reviews (17)

Product Description

Beautifully lean Beef Joint ideal for roasting or pot roasting full of flavour and easy to cook too.

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Storage Details

Keep frozen at -18C or below
Freezer shelf life: 12 months from date of production or see label
Defrost in refrigerator and use within 48 hours - do not refreeze

Cooking Guide

Cooking Times

Cooking Method: Pot/Slow Roast
Temperature: 180oC / 350oC Gas Mark 4-5

30-40 minutes plus 30-40 minutes per 450g

*Cooking times may vary depending on cut. All information sourced from http://www.qmscotland.co.uk/

Cut Information

Know your cuts (Blade) - Farmers Choice

Know your cuts (Blade)

Prepared from the middle ribs of the forequarter, after removing the Brisket, Clod(Neck) and Shin. The Blade is the remaining portion after removing the Top Ribs (Chuck) this portion produces steak best suited to braising.

1 Star = Low - 5 Stars = High

Marbling Level

Texture Level

Pricing Level

Other Cut's from this section

Braising SteakDiced Blade SteakBlade Steak


The Lastest Product Reviews

- Wed 23 May 2018

Blown Away By The Back Rib Joint And Lasts A Long Time Too. Loves All The Meat Infact But Looks Forward To Sunday Roast Each

- Thu 14 Jan 2016

Enjoyed By All With Some For Sandwiches As Well.

- Fri 01 Jan 2016

Simply Put, Great Quality Beef As Expected From Scotland. Always Keep My Fridge And Freezer Well Stocked!
Mr Jenkins - MAIDENHEAD,

- Wed 07 Oct 2015

Perfect For Two People With Plenty Left For Lunch In The Week
Mrs Hillman - ESHER,

- Sat 11 Jul 2015

Looks Quality Meat, Not Yet Eaten Though

- Sun 28 Jun 2015

Very Much A Favourite, Coated In Fresh Thyme And Garlic Butter Cooked Quickly In A Hot Oven, Wonderful Sunday Roast
Mrs Grant - SALISBURY,

- Fri 27 Feb 2015


- Sun 09 Nov 2014

Such Good Value As Does Not Shrink So Always Have Enough Left Over From Sunday Lunch For Monday Night With Mashed Potatoes And Gravy, Yum!
Mrs Thompson - BASINGSTOKE,

- Thu 09 Oct 2014

First Time I Have Tried From Here It Was Good This Time

- Mon 15 Sep 2014

Mrs Brand - FAREHAM,

- Fri 07 Mar 2014

Tender And Tasty
Mrs Fratczak - POOLE,

- Sat 18 Jan 2014

Not Yet Used
Mr Hogarth - BOSTON,

- Sat 07 Dec 2013

Super! Highly Recommended, As A Roasting Joint Its Hard The Beat. ....Do It Justice By Making You Own Yorkshire Puddings And Horseradish Sauce!

- Sat 02 Nov 2013

Brilliant Choice Tender And Succulent!
Mr Hallett - STEVENAGE,

- Thu 17 Oct 2013

Never Seen Before Would Buy Again Really Tasty

- Mon 07 Jul 2014

Not Yet Used
Mr Depoix - DEVIZES,

- Wed 12 Mar 2014

Not As Nice As Normal. Both Joints Were Of Poor Quality. They Were Both Chewy And Not Very Tasty. Normally Orders Cut On A Regular Basis
Mr Sawyer - HOVE,


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