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Buy Chicken, Cod, Beef and More from Farmer's Choice

Whether you're after chicken, cod, beef or lamb, you can buy free range meat with just a click of a button with Farmer's Choice UK.

This Weeks Seasonal Packs Selections

We now not only offer great, products for home delivery, but also offer a range of seasonal boxes and packs that have been carefully put together by us.

Sunday Roast Large
Approx Pack Price £19.79

Potato Sack: Maris Piper 5kg Sack  x 1
Broccoli: Calabrese Item  x 1
Leek Pack(2)  x 2
Swede Item  x 1
Onions Pack(3)  x 1
Beans: Fine  Punnet  x 1
Cauliflower Item  x 1
Courgettes Pack(3)  x 1
Parsnips Pack(2)  x 2
Cabbage: White  Item  x 1
Sweet Potato Item  x 1
Carrot Pack(6)  x 1
Celeriac Item  x 1

Fish Pack
Approx Pack Price £47.00

King Scallops 250 g  x 1
Dressed Crab Pack(1) (140g)  x 2
Cod Fillet Plain Pack(1) (200g)  x 2
Kippers Smoked Pack(2) (300g)  x 2
Sardines Whole 1000 g  x 1
Sea Trout Fillet Pack(1) (200g)  x 2

Orange and Banana Smoothie
Approx Pack Price £2.98

Bananas Bunch (1000g)  x 1
Oranges Pack(4)  x 1

The Curry Guy Pack
Approx Pack Price £96.51

Chicken Breast Fillet Pack(1) (210g)  x 4
Prawns 500g  x 1
Salmon Fillet Pack(1) (200g)  x 4
Goat Stewing Chopped 1000 g  x 1
Lamb Shank 500 g  x 4
Tomatoes: Classic Vine Punnet (500g)  x 3
Mixed Peppers Pack(3)  x 1
Onions Pack(3)  x 2
Lemons Pack(3)  x 1
Garlic Large Provence Pack(3)  x 2
Mint 25g Pack  x 1
Coriander 25g Pack  x 2
Stock Pot (Chicken) 96ml  x 1
Smoked Cumin 50g  x 1
Garam Masala 50g  x 1

Stock Pot Pack
Approx Pack Price £15.06

Stock Pot (Fish) 96ml  x 1
Stock Pot (Beef) 96ml  x 1
Stock Pot (Chicken) 96ml  x 1
Stock Pot (Vegetable) 96ml  x 1

Free Range Taster Pack
Approx Pack Price £50.68

Sirloin Steak 250 g  x 2
Minced Steak 500 g  x 1
Classic Steak Burgers Pack(4) (465g)  x 1
Chicken Thighs 1000 g  x 1
Lamb Chop Pack(4) (600g)  x 1
Pork Chop Pack(2) (440g)  x 1
Back Bacon Dry Cure 250 g  x 1
Sausages: Pork Pack(8) (500g)  x 1

Sunday Roast Small
Approx Pack Price £11.01

Broccoli: Calabrese Item  x 1
Leek Pack(2)  x 1
Swede Item  x 1
Cauliflower Item  x 1
Courgettes Pack(3)  x 1
Parsnips Pack(2)  x 1
Onions: Red  Pack(3)  x 1
Sweet Potato Item  x 1
Cabbage: Savoy 1000 g  x 1
Potatoes: Maris Piper 1000 g  x 1

Burger Selection Pack
Approx Pack Price £18.93

Steak & Herb Burgers (Gluten Free) Pack(4) (465g)  x 1
Classic Steak Burgers Pack(4) (465g)  x 1
Lamb & Mint Burgers Pack(4) (465g)  x 1
Turkey Grills Pack(4) (465g)  x 1
Classic Pork & Apple Burgers Pack(4) (465g)  x 1

New Products from Farmer's Choice

Farmer's Choice can offer you a fabulous selection of meats, and all are available to purchase online for home delivery. Select from beef, pork, lamb, poultry, fish or game and start browsing our delicious varieties of each. Or, why not choose from the cut of meat you'd like? Take your pick from steaks, stew and slow cook cuts, offal, or diced, minced and stir fry pieces. We can also offer a brilliant range of meat packs, seasonal selections and vegetable boxes. You really will have no excuse for forgetting any part of your meal if you shop with Farmer's Choice.

The ordering process couldn't be easier - just find the product you want, select the quantity and then click Add to Cart. Your product will go straight to your shopping cart. Once you've selected all the food you can eat, click on your cart at the top, right-hand corner and click Checkout Now. You'll then need to log in or register with our site. After that, just follow the steps for payment and delivery and before you know it you'll be tucking in to your meat, fish or veg!

Best In Season

Special Selections

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