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This Weeks Seasonal Packs Selections

We now not only offer great, products for home delivery, but also offer a range of seasonal boxes and packs that have been carefully put together by us.

Christmas Deli Hamper
Approx Pack Price £46.60

This Pack Includes

Wicker Hamper Item (1000g)  x 1
Wholegrain Mustard Item (170g)  x 1
Creamy Horseradish Item (170g)  x 1
Sweet Piccalilli Item (205g)  x 1
Redcurrant & Port Jelly Item (205g)  x 1
Christmas Day Chutney Item (205g)  x 1
Cranberry Sauce Item (205g)  x 1
Olives: Sweet Basil Pack (220g)  x 1
Olives: Rosemary & Garlic Pack (220g)  x 1
Pickled Beetroot Sliced Item (500g)  x 1
Caribbean Chutney Item (35g)  x 1
Cheeky Chutney Item (35g)  x 1
Nice, Spicely Apricot & Orange Chutney Item (35g)  x 1
Chillirrific Chutney Item (35g)  x 1
Pickled Shallots Item (500g)  x 1

Christmas Meat Box
Approx Pack Price £84.75

This Pack Includes

Topside 2000 g  x 1
Smoked Salmon 250 g  x 1
Shoulder Lamb Cushion 2000 g  x 1
Streaky Bacon Dry Cure 250 g  x 1
Gammon Joint 2000 g  x 1
Pork Chipolatas Pack(16) (500g)  x 1
Sausage Meat: Pork (Gluten Free) 500 g  x 1

Exotic Fruit Basket
Approx Pack Price £15.98

Honey Pomelo Item (500g)  x 1
Pineapple Item (1700g)  x 1
Limes Pack(4) (300g)  x 1
Lemons Pack(3) (500g)  x 1
Kiwi Fruit Pack(3) (250g)  x 1
Satsumas Pack(6) (600g)  x 1
Mango Item (500g)  x 1
Grapefruit: Pink Item (350g)  x 1
Melon: Yellow Item (1500g)  x 1
Melon: Galia Item (500g)  x 1
Watermelon Item (4500g)  x 1
Pomegranate Item (200g)  x 1

Hot & Spicy Sauce Pack
Approx Pack Price £9.49

Pasta Sauce Extra Garlic Item (450g)  x 1
Pasta Sauce Hot & Spicy Item (450g)  x 1
Chilli Con Carne Hot & Spicy Item (450g)  x 1

Italian Cooking Sauce Pack
Approx Pack Price £9.49

Pasta Sauce Original Item (450g)  x 1
Chilli Con Carne Medium Item (450g)  x 1
Bolognese Pasta Sauce Item (450g)  x 1

Pickle Pack
Approx Pack Price £13.57

Pickled Beetroot Sliced Item (454g)  x 1
Pickled Red Cabbage Item (450g)  x 1
Pickled Onions Item (450g)  x 1

New Products from Farmer's Choice

Farmer's Choice can offer you a fabulous selection of meats, and all are available to purchase online for home delivery. Select from beef, pork, lamb, poultry, fish or game and start browsing our delicious varieties of each. Or, why not choose from the cut of meat you'd like? Take your pick from steaks, stew and slow cook cuts, offal, or diced, minced and stir fry pieces. We can also offer a brilliant range of meat packs, seasonal selections and vegetable boxes. You really will have no excuse for forgetting any part of your meal if you shop with Farmer's Choice.

The ordering process couldn't be easier - just find the product you want, select the quantity and then click Add to Cart. Your product will go straight to your shopping cart. Once you've selected all the food you can eat, click on your cart at the top, right-hand corner and click Checkout Now. You'll then need to log in or register with our site. After that, just follow the steps for payment and delivery and before you know it you'll be tucking in to your meat, fish or veg!

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