Christmas Hampers from Farmer's Choice


Are you thinking of buying a Christmas gift with a twist? Or are you unable to decide just what Christmas food to serve to family and friends? Take a look at these festive Christmas hampers from Farmerís Choice Free Range, overflowing with delicious poultry, red meat and fish. If youíre looking to make something unorthodox this year or just need help with the classics, why not check out our Christmas recipes page or, for the chance to win one of our enormous Christmas hampers to serve this year, check out our Christmas competitions? Read More

Our Selection Of Set Packs For The Season

If you don't want to spend the time selecting individual items from our list, you can take a look at some of our set boxes to make an easy and quick produce purchase!

Christmas Hamper (4.5Kg Breast)
Approx Pack Price £150.52

Turkey Breast Joint Boned & Rolled  4500g  x 1
Christmas Hamper  Pack  x 1

Christmas Hamper (6Kg Turkey)
Approx Pack Price £166.52

Free Range Turkey Whole  6000g  x 1
Christmas Hamper  Pack  x 1

Christmas Hamper (7Kg Turkey)
Approx Pack Price £180.16

Free Range Turkey Whole  7000g  x 1
Christmas Hamper  Pack  x 1

Christmas Essentials Pack
Approx Pack Price £12.01

Leek  Pack(2)  x 1
Swede  Item  x 1
Cauliflower  Item  x 1
Parsnips  Pack(2)  x 1
Red Onions  Pack(3)  x 1
Butternut Squash  Item  x 1
Potatoes : Wilja  2000g  x 1
Rosemary  Pack  x 1
Cranberries  Punnet  x 1
Brussel Sprouts  Pack  x 1
Carrot  Pack(6)  x 1

Our Selection Of Products For The Season

Selection of individual items that best represent the season.

Suppliers may vary dependant upon product/seasonal demands

More Detail

This festive season, Farmerís Choice Free Range have created a range of Christmas hampers, offering a range of the top cuts and whole meats which are essential for the season, plus a choice between a range of traditional Christmas turkeys, three-bird roast, chicken, roast goose or duck. Supplement these with the Christmas Essentials pack and you can serve a Christmas feast for all the family. The weight and quantity of each hamper differs, so make sure you double-check which prices and portions you have selected before you finalise your order.

We want our hampers to set a new standard in good, wholesome, quality meats and providing families across the country with extensive Christmas feasts at affordable prices. Our hampers have proven extremely popular with customers, so, whether itís for a gift, party, or dinner on the big day, join them this festive season in experiencing a lavish, delicious Farmerís Choice Christmas!