Fresh Salad from Farmer's Choice


Find fresh salad items online with Farmer's Choice. We sell a range of vegetables that are great for salads and garnishes. Choose from lettuces, cucumbers, tomatoes, celery and more for your salad delivery. If you want a weekly or two-weekly salad or vegetable box delivered to your home, Farmer's Choice can offer you a great service; just choose the salad products you'd like from this page and follow the checkout process once you've chosen all the salad you want. You can also add any other vegetables, fruit and herbs to your delivery, so each week, or every two weeks, you can have a large selection of produce ready for you on your doorstep. We can offer you different times for delivery too, so you can pick the most suitable one for you and your schedule.

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Suppliers may vary dependant upon product/seasonal demands

Our fresh salad items are perfect for light meals and snacks. We have three different kinds of lettuce - iceberg, little gem and green Batavia, plus mixed leaves, rocket leaves and watercress; all you could need for a great salad base. You can then add to your salad with classic tomatoes, vine tomatoes, cucumbers, celery, mixed peppers and carrots. Or, you could try some of our fresh spring onions, sweetcorn, radishes or white cabbage. Farmer's Choice also offer a pre-made salad pack, so you don't have to take the time to decide which products to choose; we've done the hard work for you! For just £5.77 you can receive a mini salad pack with lettuce, spring onions, vine tomatoes, radishes and cucumbers. Order online or call us on 01489 583828 to arrange your salad delivery.

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