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Free Range Turkey Whole

Complete all rounder. Beautiful white breast meat and flavour packed dark leg meat. Available weights (4kg - 7kg)

Normal Price £ 1.31 per 100g


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Free Range Whole Turkey

Suppliers may vary dependant upon product/seasonal demands

This product has no ingredients & allergen Information

Storage Details

Keep frozen at -18șC or below
Freezer shelf life: 12 months from date of production or see label
Defrost in refrigerator and use within 48 hours - do not refreeze

Rod Adlington

Located In: Balsall Common

Free range turkeys are often on the top of every chef's Christmas wish list and Farmer's Choice know our customers want only the best turkey meat, but all year round, as well as just at Christmas. That's why we've chosen not one, but two free range turkey farms to source our delicious turkeys from. Our second traditional and acclaimed turkey farm is Adlington Farm in Balsall Common, near Warwick. The award-winning, family-run Adlington Farm, situated in the heart of the Warwickshire landscape, was started in 1956; the farm was primarily started to just farm turkeys exclusively for Christmas. The farm has earned many laurels and has grown consistently over the years; now housing up to 12,000 turkeys and the Adlingtons have followed practices they have mastered for over two generations. Free range Adlington Turkeys are a famed, bronze breed of turkeys, reared naturally, free from growth hormones and are known for their juicy, wholesomely flavoured meat. The birds are given utmost care and are sheltered outside in tunnels that give good ventilation and light. The birds are corn-fed, free from any preservatives or additives and the birds are provided fresh water and food at all times. After slaughter, the birds are hung, which is imperative to the taste. Adlingtons raise turkeys that follow the standards set by RSPCA and Red Tractor guidelines. They ensure that their free range rearing know-how assures that their customers enjoy only the best turkeys. They guarantee delivery of a wholesome British product complete with great quality and absolute traceability right from the rearing of the birds to the delivery. Farmer's Choice has partnered with the accredited Adlington Turkeys farm to source the finest free range turkeys that are the ultimate in succulence, great texture and taste. So if you want to savour any of these specialities, then you can place an order online, e-mail or make a call for any of our turkey products. We assure you that we will deliver to your choice location at the designated time. Read More


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Overall Rating (16 reviews)

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Delicious, Moist And Very Tasty
Mrs Hope
Wed 14 Jan 2015

Very Good Indeed
Mrs Quinton
Mon 17 Nov 2014

Very Good. Will Order Again
Mrs Morrison
Thu 13 Nov 2014

Mrs Blackham
Sun 12 Oct 2014

Enjoyed By All
Mrs Nineham
Mon 31 Mar 2014

This Was A Very Good Quality Turkey, And Was Enjoyed By All The Family.
Mrs Collins
Fri 28 Mar 2014

Enjoyed By The Whole Family (10 Of Us). Will Order Again This Year!
Mrs Redwood
Tue 18 Mar 2014

Delicious. Will Order Again Next Christmas.
Mrs Hibbs
Tue 11 Mar 2014

I Do Like A Tasty Bird- This One Was Spot On.
Mr Nash
Mon 03 Feb 2014

The Turkey Which I Ordered For Christmas Was Delicious And I Will Make Sure I Order Another For Next Christmas - Thank You
Mrs Day
Thu 23 Jan 2014

Followed Sent Cooking Instructions , With Excellent Results.
Mr Lee
Thu 23 Jan 2014

Very Moist And Full Of Flavour
Mrs Lyons
Sat 18 Jan 2014

Mr & Mrs Baker
Fri 17 Jan 2014

Miss Standivan
Wed 14 Aug 2013

My Turkey Was The Highlight Of Our Christmas Meal, Full Of Flavour!
Mr Travers
Wed 02 Jan 2013

Nice Turkey
Mrs Case
Mon 23 Feb 2015