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Are you seeking fresh, handmade stuffing for a perfect accompaniment to free range meat? Look no further as Farmer's Choice Free Range brings you delicious sage and onion; cranberry and apple; or apricot and apple stuffing for the tastiest, free range meat in the region. Rich, flavoursome and delectable; our stuffing is extremely popular with our customers and can be used to prepare a variety of sumptuous and mouth-watering dishes from stuffed chicken to traditional holiday stuffed turkey or goose.
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Suppliers may vary dependant upon product/seasonal demands

We also offer trotters and bones that are excellent for preparing various kinds of stews or stocks. As well as this, we have also extended our product lines to include free range pet food products with our pet food mince - made from wholesome ingredients and devoid of any kind of chemicals or additives. This not only adds flavour to the usual dry animal food, but also ensures that your pets get a complete, nutritious and satisfying meal every time.

Additionally, the fact that we have partnered with only a few select farms allows for complete product traceability and customers are also aware of the conditions under which our animals are reared. Just take a look at the Our Farms page to read more about our partner farms.

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