Farmer's Choice Delicious Pork Joints

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Farmer's Choice ensure that all their pork meat is sourced from free range animals. We stock and sell an extensive range of pork varieties for you to choose from online. We sell pork joints like spatchcock chump, pork loin joint, pork chops, spare rib steak, sausage meat, chipolatas, diced pork, stir fry pork, bacon and gammon.
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Suppliers may vary dependant upon product/seasonal demands

Sourced from Childhay Pigs Farm, Beaminster, Dorset

Our outdoor reared pig herd is completely free range. The mothers live in grassy paddocks or enclosures that overlook the sea on the Devon coast. They are enclosed in smaller groups, free to graze the grass and their offspring are born in large huts allowing them to grow as they please. As always, our farm animals are reared slowly and naturally to obtain the best possible tasting meat.
So what are you waiting for? Just log in, order from our range of pork, and leave the rest to us! We assure you that we will deliver quality free range meat to your doorstep.

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