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Our free range pork chops and steaks from Farmers Choice are sourced from pigs that are totally free range and have a high-standard of living. This is evident in the quality of the meat; as a more naturally raised pig usually produces pork that is moister, succulent and more flavoursome. In today's age of mass produced meats, it's free range products that remind us of the traditional flavour, juiciness and tenderness of meats such as pork.
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Suppliers may vary dependant upon product/seasonal demands

We work with a few select farms so the meat we sell is completely traceable and customers can know the conditions under which our pigs are reared. We can proudly say that the British pigs are reared, raised and nurtured in an environment that is as kind to them as possible. So, at Farmer's Choice Free Range, we can very proudly say that we rear healthy, content and carefree pigs which help us produce mouth-watering and appetising meat!

So, take your pick from our extensive range of pork chops and steaks today. You can choose from traditional pork chops, breakfast chops and spare rib chops, or why not go for ribeye pork steak or a butterfly steak to whet your appetite?

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